Jul 11, 2016

July Goals

Already one third of July already passed and I'm still not very sure about my goals. At least I've filled my diary yesterday - which by the way I wanted to start writing in january... Well, I always forget to write in the begining of the month and end up thinking "Oh, I'll start my diary beautyfully next month". Which never happened. So yesterday I decided to break it and wrote some goals.

1. Look after my money.
I spend way too much money. I spend more than I earn. And I spend money on unneccesary things. So in July I hope I'll try better and not end up broke.
Creating budget.

2. Stay fit!
I've gained nearly 15 kg since last spring and I feel awful. Now I need to loose those kg because not only I feel  unhealthy but also the majority of my clothes don't fit me anymore even New ones that I bought especially for summer...
For now I'm trying to minimize what I eat.
July 18th I'll start 2 challenges: "30 day no meat challenge" and "30 day no sugar challenge". And I need to buy new weigh by that time because mine broke and I have no idea how much I weight.
Also every saturday morning I'll attend free yoga classes in park.
2 times a week I'll ride bycicle for 1,5 hour.
Other days I'll try my best to do 20-30 minutes yoga classes at home or go on a walk in park or in city center.
Write a food journal.

3. Relax.
By relax I mean to stop being stressed over things.
Keeping a journal, meditate, writing blog.
Having all my thoughts together.
Enjoy me time. I actually don't remember last time I went on a walk alone not during vacation.

4. At least 2 times go to a beach to refresh my tan ;)

5. Blog more!
In my russian beautyblog 3/week
In this blog 2/week

6. Pay more attention to how I look.
Honestly wearing no makeup, not ironed clothes and chapped nails don't make me beautyful...

7. Find opportunities to make money online!
Actually I want to go holiday next year in Japan or England and fully pay it with money earned online. Current earnings: 0$.

Actually I have more goals written in my diary, but they are not first priority - if I manage to do them, I'll write them.
Also I hope I can write every week weekly goals, motivation Monday posts, weekend favourites, 1 Beauty review or 1 travel post... Isn't it already more than 2?!

July 14th I turn 26! Is it too Old or too young? I hope young😉

Honestly more than my Birthday party I'm waiting for a big shopping center to open within 10 minutes walk from my house! Because now there is no place in walking distance to chat with friends or to eat breakfast on the weekend - and I hope I'll finally do some blogging during sunday breakfast because at home I can't concentrate. Also! Cinema will be opened! Say yes to movies! I enjoy going to cinema after work and early weekend morning but not when I need to spend at least 40 minutes to go there.

What's your July goals? If you did such kind of post - please leave a link and I'll check it!😊

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