Jul 4, 2016


I constantly think throught the day that I need to write this and that for a blogpost. But I never write.
But I actually should. Because if you don't write it looks like nothing happens when you look back to the previus days, weeks and months.
I need to to set goals, check them or I'll be in a state when I don't want to do anything and be unhappy. And I don't want to be unhappy because everything is in my hands. I should start doing things that I want not what other people want.
So I stopped for a minute during my afternoon walk to write this small blogpost. Time is changing and I have a feeling that I'm also changing. I'm standing near small crossroad in the park and feel that my life is just like it. I'm in the middle of it and go what ever way I want or quip the same road. Or I can go one road then turn back and walk on another because I decide what I do if I fell.

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Fall out boy - 4th of July

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