Feb 8, 2016

Weekly goals February #1

Well, obviously something went wrong and I didn't post during 2 weeks. Wait, was it 3 weeks?!
Anyway, getting organized was quite hard after being lazy for more than half a year. But now I've set my priorities and my weekend was productive. Yesterday I've written my to do list for a day for the first time in a very long time and I already see how much it helps - I would forgot a lot of things this morning if I didn't check my list.
Also I admit now that I'm not a morning person during winter and I move like zombie in the morning. So no activities in the first half of the day - I'll wait till april to start yoga before work. 
My body and mind refuse to function until sun has risen 😂😂😂
Good news - I've found few blogpost drafts, so I hope I can modify them and publish this or next week. Also I will be doing my monthly favourites, and January ones are almost finished.

So, moving to this week goals!

1. Stay happy!:)
Being optimistic is very important so this week I'll try to not think negatively.

2. Prepare next day "to do list".
Because I am unable to fall asleep with non-stop thinking about what I need to do next week.

3. Write what I'm going to eat next day.
This will help me eat more healthy.

4. Every other day write in my handwriting diary about my day.
This one is challenging, but I'll try my best!

5. Finish week 1 in 2 challenges: ABS, squats. I found all of them on pinterest.

6. Everyday complete 3 blogilates videos:
My legs are burning after 3 days...

7. Publish 3 post here.
At least 1 makeup or skincare review!

8. Publish 3 post on my russian beautyblog.

8. Comment all blogposts from my bloglovin feed.
That's not easy. I try to comment on my phone but some blogs have awful mobile versions and I simply become frustrated and close them.

9. Post 1 photo everyday on my instagram@camomillebeautytime.
I'll try. Honestly I still don't know what direction my instagram should have and how to manage 1 account for 2 different audience (russian and english speaking ).

10. Reorganise my pinterest account.
I have lots of pins there but sometimes they double or are pinned to wrong boards. So I want reorganise my boards!

Somehow... Too many things! I'll try my best to accomplish them!

What are your goals for second week of february?

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