Jan 18, 2016

Weekly goals January #1

I wanted to write few posts this weekend as I had a lot of ideas during work, but... I did nothing this weekend. Why do I have so many ideas during work but when I come home and eat dinner, I feel so tired and can't think about anything but reading a good book or watch tv?(

Also I can't get back to my sleeping schedule, so I have several goals for this week:

1. Go to sleep not later then 10 p.m.

2. Prepare next day "to do list".
Because I am unable to fall asleep with non-stop thinking about what I need to do next week.

3. Every other day write in my handwriting diary about my day.
I bought a lot of notebooks and diaries  last year but never actually written in them.

4. Finish week 1 in 3 challenges: ABS, push up & squats. I found all of them on pinterest.

5. Publish 3 post here.

6. Publish 3 post on my russian beautyblog.

7. Comment all blogposts from my bloglovin feed.

8. Post 1 photo everyday on my instagram @camomillebeautytime.

What are your goals this week? <3

new year new me


  1. Great goals girl! Good luck!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  2. i'm with you on #3. all the very best with achieving them goals!! /confetti