Jan 15, 2016

New Year resolution 2016 #1: Eating less

January didn't start with me writing New Year resolutions. I caught cold on 24th december and was ill all holidays and I still cough a lot. I planned a lot for new year holidays (1-10th January this year in Russia) but I had high fever most of time and because of it I was sleeping most of time.
But I'm still planning to write one although it will be similar to last year one and I hope I will follow it accurate. Cause last year I failed in almost everything.

Number 1 resolution is to take care of my body.
Which firstly means to eat less, more healthy and spend less money on food. Last year I became 8 kg fatter and now need to lose them because I don't fit in my summer clothes anymore 😱😱😱 .

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4 main problems I have in my relationship with food: 1 - I congratulate myself with food whenever I feel sad or achieve something; 2 - I eat when I am bored; 3 - I eat when I'm stressed. 4 - I eat a lot, I eat even when I'm full because there is a lot of food on the table.
And I spend way too much money on food.

I didn't start january right but when you're ill you actually are happy when you finally want to eat which means your cold is ending.

I'm now on day 5 of my "eat less" resolution, which marks the end of first working week of 2016. And overall I think it went pretty well. I still struggle with my dinner as I eat twice as much as I actually need. But I don't eat after 8 p.m. I should eat more for breakfast but I'm lazy to wake up earlier to prepare proper breakfast which I'm sure I'll be doing once I will be back with my sleeping schedule. What I'm proud of is my lunch at work. Last year I used to eat a lot and spend a lot. Now I've limited myself with 2 dishes and small amount of money. And I succeed everyday! Do I feel full? Yes. Do I feel hungry in the evening? Not more than before. Do I feel less happy for not eating fancy 3-4 dishes during lunch? No. I feel the same with my soup and side dishes, sometimes even with coffee. Do I spend less money? Yes, about 1,5 or even 2 times less. Also I don't buy Starbucks coffee or some sweets during the day. I think I can survive january without take out coffee)

I didn't think I would lose some weight, but I actually lost 1,5 kg. I don't focus on my weight now because 1st step is eating less, 2nd step to do some easy fitness, 3rd to eat more healthy, 4th do have a fitness routine. I also want to cook more because eating too much sandwiches won't lead me to losing weight)

Starting next week I'll try to wake up 15 minutes earlier and prepare proper breakfast. Also I'm adding few fitness exercises. I've printed some fitness 30 days challenges but I won't talk about them until I'm 2 weeks in because I usually give up after few days. 

Also I'm trying to blog here 3 times a week as my new year resolution. Let's see if I succeed. I'll update with my other resolutions in future blog posts!)

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