Oct 17, 2015

Primark Wishlist

I always liked watching Primark Hauls on youtube. We don't have Primark in my country so when I decided to spend my vacation in Europe I decided to check if in Belgium there is Primark. Yes, there is in Brussels, and I checked Primark website... OMG!! So many interesting things!! Of course I went there during my trip! But the shop is not very with lots of people, so I didn't buy much. I did buy fantastic pair of jeans and 2 pajamas!! And now I want to buy everything from Primark)) I spent 30 minutes looking at Primark Instagram. And now I'm creating my Primark Wishlist because... I can't resist it!:D And in January or February I'm going to England, so it means lots of shopping in Primark!)
Lol, my Wishlist turned out as basic items.. 

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