Oct 18, 2015

MEMEBOX Promo & Sale October

Ah, I wish MEMEBOX will start shipping worldwide again... But for now I just look at their site and wish I can bought some boxes)) Because there are some amazing deals right now!

FREE SHIPPING on orders 30$+

15% off your 1st Korean cosmetics purchase! Use code 'WELCOME'. 1 time use only                                                                                                                                                                                          
No Tricks Just Treats
This promotion applies to Saturday and Sunday purchases only. The promotion ends Sunday October 18, 2015 at 12:00am PST. Spend any amount and we'll be adding an extra free treat(s) along with every purchase, all weekend long! 
Orders $0+ = up to $3 worth of FREE treat(s)
Orders $20+ = up to $7 worth of FREE treats(s)
Orders $40+ = up to $13 worth of FREE treats(s)
Orders $60+ = up to $19 worth of FREE treats(s)
Orders $80+ = up to $26 worth of FREE treats(s)

Orders $100+ = up to $32 worth of FREE treats(s)

50% OFF on new brushes -> I'M brush <3.

Some intersting HALLOWEEN items. I want that Horror mask!!

First of all, Yadah Box! It's amazing! Gives really good result on your skin and can be used on sensitive skin! I want this box so bad T__T

Yadah skincare products are made to be hypoallergenic and with plant derived ingredients to care for the skin in the safest way possible. Their mission is to make the best quality products that are mild but highly effective to make your skin beautiful and healthy. We chose our favorite Yahdah products that will keep your skin beautiful and healthy!

Anti-T Mini Kit | Full Package Box- Cleanser 50ml, Toner 30ml, Emulsion 30ml $20

This little kit can help you attain clearer, more radiant skin. Containing all the basics of a skincare regimen, this convenient mini kit will help those who have acne prone skin. The products work together to keep skin balanced, control sebum, and fight acne causing bacteria.  

Anti Trouble Spot | Full-Size 15g $13
This blemish spot treatment is formulated with natural and medicinal ingredients that target pimples directly. The formula manages sebum secretion, balances and soothes the troubled areas. It also contains naturally moisturizing ingredients like aloe vera to prevent the skin from drying.

Oh My Sunblock Mini | Full-Size $6
This lightweight sunblock moisturizes while protecting the skin from the sun’s rays. Applies matte and minimizes oil so you don’t have to worry about shine.

Anti-T Mask | Full-Size 20g $3
This organic cotton sheet mask helps relieve troubled skin and leaves skin feeling refreshed. Formulated with herbs and plants that have medicinal properties to help the skin heal and become clearer. 

Cleansing Oil - Skinfood Black Sugar Cleansing Oil (Full-size, 170ml)
Cleansing Foam - It’s Skin Cleansing Foam selected at random from Have An Eggshell/Greengrape/Pomegranate (Full-size, 150ml)
Goodal Phytorain Murumuru Seed Hydra Serum 45ml (Full-size, 45ml) 
Mist - Tonymoly Pocket Bunny Sleek/Moist Mist 60ml (Full-size, 60ml)

Box with skincare that I tried and I definately say all items are amazing for dry and sensitive skin - Korean Beauty Starter Kit- Dry Skin #beginwithskin2.

Etude House Pure Water Baobab Cleansing Foam Full-Size 150ml ($10)
This mild cleansing foam is formulated with plant ingredients that provide moisture. It contains 8.9% baobab water which is known for having a high moisture content. The foam removes dirt and other impurities. It leaves the skin feeling moisturizing and is not drying.

Holika Holika Skin & Good Cera Ultra Emulsion Full-Size 130ml ($28)
A hydrating & nutritive facial emulsion features a mild, fresh & non-sticky texture. This emulsion balances moisture levels and strengthens the skin’s protective barrier. The ceramide helps lock in and retain moisture to treat and prevent dry skin. Make dry and uncomfortable skin a thing of the past by introducing this product geared towards your skin sensitivities.

Enprani Enprani Dear By Bounce Cheese Cream Full-Size 75ml ($28) 
This highly moisturizing cream is formulated with the protein found in cheese: whey. Whey helps to hydrate and strengthen the skin. Also formulated with vitamins A, B and E for added skin nourishment. Your skin will love the intense hydration and anti-aging properties in this interesting product.

Too Cool For School Pumpkin Sleeping Pack Full-Size 100ml ($21.50)
This sleeping pack regenerates, moisturizes and balances the skin while you sleep. It features pumpkin extract to deliver nourishment to tired skin. Pumpkin has skin nutritive properties like Vitamin A and beta-Carotene, as well as light peeling properties to remove dead skin cell buildup. 

MEMEBOX is always trendy and don't forget about sexy autumn makeup:

And RECIPE brand is finally back in stock:)

And gorgeous PONY new improved eye pallettes are now in stock!:)

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