Oct 18, 2015

MEMEBOX Promo & Sale October

Ah, I wish MEMEBOX will start shipping worldwide again... But for now I just look at their site and wish I can bought some boxes)) Because there are some amazing deals right now!

FREE SHIPPING on orders 30$+

15% off your 1st Korean cosmetics purchase! Use code 'WELCOME'. 1 time use only                                                                                                                                                                                          
No Tricks Just Treats
This promotion applies to Saturday and Sunday purchases only. The promotion ends Sunday October 18, 2015 at 12:00am PST. Spend any amount and we'll be adding an extra free treat(s) along with every purchase, all weekend long! 
Orders $0+ = up to $3 worth of FREE treat(s)
Orders $20+ = up to $7 worth of FREE treats(s)
Orders $40+ = up to $13 worth of FREE treats(s)
Orders $60+ = up to $19 worth of FREE treats(s)
Orders $80+ = up to $26 worth of FREE treats(s)

Orders $100+ = up to $32 worth of FREE treats(s)

50% OFF on new brushes -> I'M brush <3.

Some intersting HALLOWEEN items. I want that Horror mask!!

First of all, Yadah Box! It's amazing! Gives really good result on your skin and can be used on sensitive skin! I want this box so bad T__T

Yadah skincare products are made to be hypoallergenic and with plant derived ingredients to care for the skin in the safest way possible. Their mission is to make the best quality products that are mild but highly effective to make your skin beautiful and healthy. We chose our favorite Yahdah products that will keep your skin beautiful and healthy!

Oct 17, 2015

Primark Wishlist

I always liked watching Primark Hauls on youtube. We don't have Primark in my country so when I decided to spend my vacation in Europe I decided to check if in Belgium there is Primark. Yes, there is in Brussels, and I checked Primark website... OMG!! So many interesting things!! Of course I went there during my trip! But the shop is not very with lots of people, so I didn't buy much. I did buy fantastic pair of jeans and 2 pajamas!! And now I want to buy everything from Primark)) I spent 30 minutes looking at Primark Instagram. And now I'm creating my Primark Wishlist because... I can't resist it!:D And in January or February I'm going to England, so it means lots of shopping in Primark!)
Lol, my Wishlist turned out as basic items.. 

Life lately

I was thinking about how I should start this post when a thought "Ah...I want to be in the romantic relationship" came to my mind. I asked myself and realise I just want someone to hug me and tell me everything is allright. Am I that lonely?! I guess I am... 
One part of me wants to be alone, other one to be surrounded with friends and loved one. Part that wants to be alone is way bigger. Because I'm tired of living whith my parents, my mum specifically. 
I don't want to talk about my relationship with my mum because it makes me depressed even more. But I can't currently don't have opportunity to move out. I've been starting writing bloposts for many times for the past few months but never ended any of them. And if I continue to write about my mum I'll end up with crying and not finishing this one.

So the purpose of this post is to give myself a kick to stop being depressed and start writing, blogging about my travels, posting news about kbeauty products, my fitness journey that I need to start ever again, earning money online and in general writing, writing and once again writing about my everyday life to motivate myself to become better and pursue my dreams.

Because you know, this summer I turned 25 years old and it made me so depressed that I didn't complete almast anything from my To do list until I'm 25:). Actually some of things I don't prioritize anymore but the majority I still need to do. I guess I need to think about what I want to do with my life than reorganise my 2015 goals. Create more steps to achieve those goals and dreams. 

And finally start doing what I want, not what people around me want. Like next year I decided to earn more money and travel to countries I want to visit not what my friends want. Even if it means travelling alone. I just need to find ways to earn more money to be able to support myself during traveling)

Oh! I started this post being depressed but finished with a good mood:)