Aug 8, 2015

August Goals

1. Write blogposts! 
I think a lot about posts, I have a list of things I really want to write about, I have some drafts, but... I never publish anything!( Because I choose to read a book after work instead of writing. So it leads to second goal:

2. Stop being lazy!!

3. Eat less and more healthy.
I put on some weight because I've ate a lot of fastfood.
Yesterday I sat and thought about eat and understand that I eat a lot because I'm using food as a source of good emotion, comfort, reward for bad day, stress relieve. Which is awful and I need to stop doing.

4. Find motivation!
I feel completely unmotivated to do anything.

5. Spend less.
My uncontrollable spending for food and takeout coffee is really bad for my bank account, so I need to start saving money now.

6. Get back to fitness routine.

7. Put more effort in my everyday look.

8. Walk more.
Autumn will start soon so I need to take advantage on good summer weather)

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