Mar 1, 2015

Cup # 5: February Recap & March Goals /

Wow, it's already March 1st! Spring!! *____* 1 month and weather is going to be ok to wear spring clothes! Well... always March is like February in Moscow if we are talking about weather and I'm always wearing winter clothes.
So here is my February recap and March Goals as part of Weekly wishes linkup!:)

I almost didn't blog in February but I have an excuse - I FINALLY GOT A JOB!!!! OH MY GOD I AM SO INCREDIBLY HAPPY!!!!
I've completed 1 week of my new work and I like it so far! Of course it's very hard because I don't clearly understand what we are selling - some technical equipment. But it's a big company, I work the most time with computer, by the way my job title is Sale Department Assistant/Contract Specialist. I'm learning a lot of things every day. Also half of my colleagues don't speak russian so I speak english and write mails in english every day - I am really happy that I can improve my language skills. + I'm completely satisfied with my salary and it takes around 35-40 minutes to get to work which is really good for Moscow. One more thing - the food in the canteen is really tasty!

About food. From 23d February till 16th April it's a Lent when Christians don't eat meat, eggs, cheese and other products of animal origin. It's a religion tradition in Russia. I don't follow it every year but this year I decided to participate because I'm trying to loose weight and eating healthy. So far it's going smoothly and good variety of meals at my work also helps. + Whenever I go to restaurants and cafes - there are List Menus which are interesting to try.

By the way the week before List is a Shrovetide week. In Russia we eat crepes / russian pancakes ( блины "blini") all week to celebrate the end of the winter and the start of spring. There are also some celebrations in almost every park and in the central of the city. It's very fun amd my instagram feed was full of crepes pictures!:) I like this tradition a lot!

Fitness routine. I've managed to lose 2,5 kg in February which makes 3,5 kg in 2015 so far. I'm very happy!:) And my plan is to lose 2-3 kg in March! I actually created a reward system: I'm going to congratulate myself with some presents every 2-3 kg with things I've wanted to buy but always thought they are too pricey. LOL Probably I'm just a shopaholic:D

In February I was doing every morning 30 Day Butt Lift Challenge! and 30 Day Flat Abs Challenge! from Blogilates.

In March I will be repeating them and also adding 30 Day Thigh Slimming Challenge!.

Plus I've finally started doing fitness from youtube Blogilates videos. During February I've manage to find excuses not to that workout routine every single day but in March I've told myself to start and do it every day! And I did first day of #MarchofthePOPsters 2015 Workout Calendar! which consisted of 5 short youtube videos workout. And it was so intense, I've almost started crying 3 times but I've told myself that I will regret not completing the workout later so I've continued! And now my whole body is feeling sore and I want just to sleep;D I already imaging the pain I'll get tomorrow T_T. But it's so worth it! And Cassey is a great coach - she is talking about a lot of different things during her videos not only about the fitness routine she is doing - it's easier to do all the exercises actually)

And I'm posting a link to interesting avocado recipes which I want to try)

I've been to 2 blogging events!

1 - Presentation of new cosmetics of a korean brand Holika Holika. It was really fun! I've swatches so many products and ate a lot of tasty food + I've learn about tendencies in korean spring makeup and pink color is a trend!

2 - It was a small afternoon snack for my second part time job. We celebrated the end of the Shrovetide week while eating tasty russian cupcakes with strawberry jam and drinking premium French Tea. The was so good, I've never tasted such a good quality tea! Brand "Freres Marriage". I've bought some tea for myself for congratulating with my new job:)

Oh! And yesterday I've been working for my part-time job and selling our skincare products on a handmade Fair. It was fun but pretty tiring!

Oh! And I've received quite a lot of products to review on my beautyblog + I won a little giveaway *___*. I should write about it separatly because all the products are amazing because well.. korean brands are always amazing!:) And I received my package with lots of korean makeup and skincare!

And My Goals for March are

1) Stick to a Blogilates #MarchofthePOPsters 2015 Workout Calendar routine.

2) Eating healthy.

3) Manage my time well.

4) Be more productive at my part-time job.

5) Work good for my full-time job.

6) Blog more! 5 times a week for my beautyblog and at least 2 times a week for this blog.

7) Clean my room because it's  seriously mess everywhere!

8) Delete all old and unnecessary files from my computer.

P.S. I'm listening nonstop to new 4minute album! They are killing it with "CRAZY" song! 


  1. I am also trying to eat healthier and lose weight! Do you like using Blogilates? I've always wanted to jump on the bandwagon but never have.

    I wish you luck on your journey this month, I know you can reach all of your goals :)

    Amber Rose //

  2. I want to try blini so much! I hope to visit Russia next year. Love your blog btw.
    Good luck with your goals!

    { }