Feb 18, 2015


So I've decided to participate in a weekly linkup about my goals. Honestly I've wanted to start last week but it was really hectic and I completely forgot about it=\

As I said last week was hectic, the time just flew by because of work. I went to a few job interviews, delivered some documents. For my new part-time job I've been searching for pictures for their social media sites and exploring how marketing in instagram works;)

I've managed to to meet my friends 2 times, once for a lunch at "НИЯМА" - if you ever visit Moscow during weekdays, this is a japanese restaurant with a very reasonable price for a lunch and the variety of food is really big.
Second we went to see a "Jupiter Ascending" movie. I was so dissapointed! >_< I like fantasy and fiction movies a lot but this one wasn't interesting for me at all. I did like Channing Tatum play but other actors weren't believable. What I mean is when you see a movie the most important thing is for viewers to believe what is happening on the screen. But I can't believe "Jupiter Ascending" can be real in some other universe. Because people can't be only bad and only good. Everyone has bad and good things about them. 
Than there were too much action and fighting scenes - they were good but too long. 

I was alone on St.Valentine Day but I'm not complaining;) 

Actually it's been pretty cold last week like -14 C during the day but there were some spring vibes so I'm extremly excited about spring season starting in 2 weeks;)

I received my last MEMEBOX and everything is so good!:)

My Goals Last Week:

* Do blogilates ABS and Butt lift challenge every morning.
Success! Sometimes I didn't want to do them but I still did and I'm super happy to see the results: my stomach became more flat and my legs became more tiny and I lost 1 kg.

*Do blogilates fitness videos 3 times
That's a failure. I was so tired every evening that I completely forgot about working out.

*Clean my desk area
Also a failure.

My Goals This Week:

* Do blogilates ABS and Butt lift challenge every morning.

*Do blogilates fitness videos 3 times

*Clean my desk area

*Write 5 post for this blog and 10 for my beautyblog. I want to have some posts in advance in case I won't have any time to write. 

*Hold a giveaway at my work instagram

Do you have any plans for this week? ;)


MEMEBOX and youtuber SOOTHINGSISTA reliesed a collaboration eyeshadow pallete. It has very beautiful shades. And I am very happy that MEMEBOX finally started collaborating with youtubers who have passion for korean skincare and make up!:)

Stephanie Villa AKA SOOTHINGSISTA has created 4 rosy brown shades to be worn day or night for irresistible eyes! Each shade has a smooth finish with double-coated pigment technology for long lasting color.

#eyelove SF Eyeshadow Quad includes essential colors of rose-hued neutrals that create versatile looks. SOOTHINGSISTA named each color after her favorite places of San Francisco, California.

Paraben free. Cruelty free

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Feb 8, 2015

Cup # 3: January Recap

Can't believe it's already February 8th. January just flew by as well as February first week.
My January was sometimes good and sometimes bad. It started not very good my mom alongside with my grandma ruined celebration of New Year to me - I went crying and didn't celebrate at all.
Oh, I colored my hair red but realised I don't feel comfortable with it(

I celebrated New Year with my 2 best friends - it was amazing but I drank too much;D

Than I went to Saint-Petersbourg with my 2 best friends: It was amazing again! But cold!:D Also since I'm jobless I stayed with my aunt for 3 days while my friends visited Helsinki, Finland. And it was awful - my aunt kept scolding for honestly ridiculously things like I don't speak to her while eating O_O.

When I got home my mum keep pressing me for not having a proper job and I've started going to job interviews. Well without any success so far.
But I did find a part-time job with a very small salary: ~15$ a day/4 times a month + I'm responsible for writing for their blog and instagram account. It's a cosmetic and organic food boutique, they sell only natural products from family brands all over the world: I mean when a brand is found by 2 or more family members. I look at this job as an internship: I'm learning a lot of things in a field I'm really interested in!

I've also managed to write some posts for my russian beauty blog and receive some makeup to review:)

During January I also went eating tasty food with my best friends.

Bad things... My mom was very ill for 10 days, now she is feeling well. I'm not on good terms with my mom but seeing her ill made me very sad and worried.

On January 31st I received shocking news from my favourite beauty subscription company Memebox - they cancel worldwide shipping starting 10th February. WHY?! This is extremely unfair. I understand that they are focused on USA market but a lot of people found out about MEMEBOX from european and asian bloggers, not american. I'm very sad. But I'll be still posting Memebox updates and hoping they will bring back worldwide shipping.

As for my 2015 goalsthings wasn't going very smooth: I've started eating more healthy, doing some exercises but I didn't loose any weight + my time management is awful. Will be working on it more. I will be participating in a Monthly Goal linkup starting February so I hope it will help:)

Feb 3, 2015

Buy a MEMEBOX, Write A Rview & Get Your Money Back

A lot of people were angry when MEMEBOX announce end of worldwide shipping starting 02.02.2015. So that's probaby they've made such a great promotion like a goodbye gift? You buy boxes from http://us.memebox.com/memebox-global/review-our-boxes . Then write a review on your blog\youtube channel, write an email to lauren@memebox.com and receive your refund:) I think it's a great way to try korean cosmetics to all bloggers and youtubers!

I've already ordered a box, what about you?

In order to qualify for a full refund 1. all posts must be in the form of a blog or YouTube video post - Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest posts do not qualify, 2. inital purchases must be made without the use of points or coupon codes. Promotion not valid for box purchases made prior to February 2, 2015 6PM PST. Offer valid while supplies last. Memebox reserves the right to modify of discontinue details without prior notification.