Jan 13, 2015

Cup #2 2015 goals

I'm still pretty unsure what my goals are for 2015 are. But I'll try to write them down. Continuing with The 16 day New Year Challenge by A Branch of Holly, Day 2 is make hard goals and soft goals. Hard goals are the big ones and soft ones - small goals to achieve a big one. The trick is I don't now how to diverse them. Plus I looked at my to do list until I'm 25 post and...Damn! I'm turnng 25 this July and I didn't accomplish even half of my plans but my priorities also changed. So I decided to take some of my dreams to another list and post it on the side of the blog to constantly see them as I spotted at duchessofplumewood.blogspot.com

Hard goals:

Move out
Find a proper job
Lose 15kg
Stick to a fitness routine
Sleep more
Eat healthy
Learn to cook 
Start my second degree
Manage my income
Save money
Find a part-time job in beauty and social media field
Organize my life
Organize my space
Manage both my blogs well
Study english
Learn to be confident
Become more happy
Travel to new cities and countries
Take more care about my appearance
Write a novel
Learn new things

Soft goals:

Move out:
  • I need to earn more money
  • I need to limit things that I own: throw away old staff that I don't need anymore, donate books (to the library) and clothes (part to the church part to the H&M - read about their program here), also porabably sell old stuff that I don't use.
  • Find people to live with in order to lower cost of rent

Find a proper job:
  • Be more active and confident during interviews
  • Send resume to more companies

Sleep more (my sleep schedule is messed up and I am taking a few steps to get it under control):
  • Creat a before sleep routine
  • A little yoga stretch before sleeping and in the morning (I've started doing it today and it really help to wake up!)
  • Tracking sleep app (I've downloaded 1 and it says that I lack sleep and woke up during the worst time for my health)
  • Write in a journal all things about the day and next day - because I tend to think a lot and can't sleep

Lose 15 kg + Stick to a fitness routine:
  • A little yoga strech before sleeping and in the morning
  • Do Blogilates routine (I think it's really fun and well planned. Task for January can be found here
  • Do monthly challenges like adding some yoga\pilates
  • Eat less, drink more
  • Don't eat 3 hours before sleep
  • Write everyday in my fitness journal how am I doing
  • Take a photo everyday to know changes
  • Walk more
  • Do more sport activities

Eat healthy:
  • Drink detox water
  • Eat salads and vegetables and fruitsts more often
  • Eat less when meeting with friends
  • Eat less in general (I eat a lot when I'm bored when I don't want to do anything, I eat big portions of food and I sometimes eat at night...)
  • No more fast food & fizzy drinks
  • Track what I eat with a journal and take photos
  • Take weekly/monthly challenges like no sugar for a week/only vegetables for a week etc.
  • Create a list of food to buy and don't buy anything extra
  • Always take water and a snack with me
  • Don't congratulate yourself with food

Learn to cook:
  • Cook 2-3 new dishes a week and post a photo either here or on instagram
  • Cook dishes from youtube videos (I'm subscribed to a lot of channels but I don't cook)

Start my second degree:
  • Save money for half a year of studying
  • Decide what degree I want to take or just take some courses
  • Start it in September

Manage my income & Save money:
  • Create a budget (which is hard to create because I don't now how much my salary will be)
  • Track all the expenses
  • Don't buy any stationary unless I run out of it (I have waaaay too much of new notes, journals and pens)
  • Sell things I don't use
  • Don't buy new make up and skincare unless I run out of them (very hard thing to do for a beautyblogger)
  • Don't buy anything on your way home (I spend way too much money on nothing)
  • Eat less when meeting with friends
  • Take weekly/monthly challenges for not buying something like no take-out coffee in January
  • Do more copywriting freelance work on my other blog
  • Take every opportunity and part-time jobs to earn money
  • Buy presents in advance
  • Buy clothes during sales

Find a part-time job in beauty and social media field: (I don't have enough skills and knowledge for it but I'll find opportunities to learn)
  • Learn more about SEO and social media marketing
  • Manage and upgrade my vkotnakte group (vkontakte is similar to facebook but in russian) + create a everyday routine for it
  • Take courses
  • Learn about editing fotos

Organize my life & Organize my space:
  • Keep a diary
  • Write down what I'm doing every minute for a month and then review it
  • Create a before sleep routine
  • Write in a journal all things about the day and next day - because I tend to think a lot and can't sleep
  • Get rid of the trash in my room
  • Create a housekeeping/cleaning routine
  • Write everyday To Do list
  • Write every week To Do list
  • Write every month To Do list
  • Unsubscribe from people I don't read and don't know from all social media
  • Unsubscribe from emails I don't need and keep my email clean and organised
  • Look thru my 2014 diary and do what I haven't done and do it (A LOT of staff really)
  • Create a list of important events this year
  • Create a emails/letters for congratulations with important dates my friends/relatives/colleagues/pr contacts for my blog
  • Keep my desk clean
  • Don't procrastinate 

Manage both my blogs well: (I have a lot of ideas, not going to list here all of them)
  • Write 3 times a week here and 5 times a week on my beautyblog and 3 times a week on my personal blog (LOL I have a blog to practice ny english a blog to write about my beauty addiction and a blog to nag about my life:D)
  • Learn design
  • Create challenges
  • Participate in a link up
  • Comment more
  • Be more active on social media

Study english:
  • Talk at list 15 minutes a day in english
  • Learn grammar
  • Learn everyday a new word
  • Study english for 4 hours a week

********* I'm tired of writing this post

Learn to be confident & Become more happy & Learn new things & Explore: 
  • Try 20 new cafe/restaurants 
  • Try new course (sport or language)
  • Read books
  • Do what is good for you
  • Don't wait for approval from your friends and family

Write a novel:
  • Write 30 minutes every day

Take more care about my appearance:
  • Nailcare 2 times a week + take part in nail art challenges in instagram
  • Handcare every other day
  • Haircare
  • Apply bodylotion everyday
  • Create a proper skincare routine
  • Prepare what to wear every evening
  • Wash your shoes often
  • Wear eyeliner 3 days a week
  • Wear more jewelry and accessories (I own a lot but don't wear them at all)

Travel to new cities and countries:
  • Travel to at list 1 country I've never been
  • Visit 3 cities I've never been in my country

.....It is a very big list of goals and things to do. I'll print it and write every month how I am doing!:)
And I'll probably add some things because right now I'm tired of writing this list and pretty sure forgot some important things!

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