Oct 18, 2015

MEMEBOX Promo & Sale October

Ah, I wish MEMEBOX will start shipping worldwide again... But for now I just look at their site and wish I can bought some boxes)) Because there are some amazing deals right now!

FREE SHIPPING on orders 30$+

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No Tricks Just Treats
This promotion applies to Saturday and Sunday purchases only. The promotion ends Sunday October 18, 2015 at 12:00am PST. Spend any amount and we'll be adding an extra free treat(s) along with every purchase, all weekend long! 
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50% OFF on new brushes -> I'M brush <3.

Some intersting HALLOWEEN items. I want that Horror mask!!

First of all, Yadah Box! It's amazing! Gives really good result on your skin and can be used on sensitive skin! I want this box so bad T__T

Yadah skincare products are made to be hypoallergenic and with plant derived ingredients to care for the skin in the safest way possible. Their mission is to make the best quality products that are mild but highly effective to make your skin beautiful and healthy. We chose our favorite Yahdah products that will keep your skin beautiful and healthy!

Oct 17, 2015

Primark Wishlist

I always liked watching Primark Hauls on youtube. We don't have Primark in my country so when I decided to spend my vacation in Europe I decided to check if in Belgium there is Primark. Yes, there is in Brussels, and I checked Primark website... OMG!! So many interesting things!! Of course I went there during my trip! But the shop is not very with lots of people, so I didn't buy much. I did buy fantastic pair of jeans and 2 pajamas!! And now I want to buy everything from Primark)) I spent 30 minutes looking at Primark Instagram. And now I'm creating my Primark Wishlist because... I can't resist it!:D And in January or February I'm going to England, so it means lots of shopping in Primark!)
Lol, my Wishlist turned out as basic items.. 

Life lately

I was thinking about how I should start this post when a thought "Ah...I want to be in the romantic relationship" came to my mind. I asked myself and realise I just want someone to hug me and tell me everything is allright. Am I that lonely?! I guess I am... 
One part of me wants to be alone, other one to be surrounded with friends and loved one. Part that wants to be alone is way bigger. Because I'm tired of living whith my parents, my mum specifically. 
I don't want to talk about my relationship with my mum because it makes me depressed even more. But I can't currently don't have opportunity to move out. I've been starting writing bloposts for many times for the past few months but never ended any of them. And if I continue to write about my mum I'll end up with crying and not finishing this one.

So the purpose of this post is to give myself a kick to stop being depressed and start writing, blogging about my travels, posting news about kbeauty products, my fitness journey that I need to start ever again, earning money online and in general writing, writing and once again writing about my everyday life to motivate myself to become better and pursue my dreams.

Because you know, this summer I turned 25 years old and it made me so depressed that I didn't complete almast anything from my To do list until I'm 25:). Actually some of things I don't prioritize anymore but the majority I still need to do. I guess I need to think about what I want to do with my life than reorganise my 2015 goals. Create more steps to achieve those goals and dreams. 

And finally start doing what I want, not what people around me want. Like next year I decided to earn more money and travel to countries I want to visit not what my friends want. Even if it means travelling alone. I just need to find ways to earn more money to be able to support myself during traveling)

Oh! I started this post being depressed but finished with a good mood:) 

Aug 8, 2015

August Goals

1. Write blogposts! 
I think a lot about posts, I have a list of things I really want to write about, I have some drafts, but... I never publish anything!( Because I choose to read a book after work instead of writing. So it leads to second goal:

2. Stop being lazy!!

3. Eat less and more healthy.
I put on some weight because I've ate a lot of fastfood.
Yesterday I sat and thought about eat and understand that I eat a lot because I'm using food as a source of good emotion, comfort, reward for bad day, stress relieve. Which is awful and I need to stop doing.

4. Find motivation!
I feel completely unmotivated to do anything.

5. Spend less.
My uncontrollable spending for food and takeout coffee is really bad for my bank account, so I need to start saving money now.

6. Get back to fitness routine.

7. Put more effort in my everyday look.

8. Walk more.
Autumn will start soon so I need to take advantage on good summer weather)

Jul 16, 2015

Wishtrend July Promotions

If you like korean makeup and skincare but never came across www.wishtrend.com - it's definetly time to take 5 minutes break and check out their site!)


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WISHTREND also provides free worldvide shipping for orders over 69$

Don't forget to check free shipping zone - products from 14,99$!

Definetly the highlight of the month is launching of Pure Vitamin C21.5 Advanced Serum (Upgrade) - this thing really works and reduce redness amazingly! Bonus - great for sensitive skin.
Double bonus:
1. Sale
2. Free shipping
3. 3 sheet masks as a gift

Toner 150ml +
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AHA / BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner

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  • Hyaluronic Acid Intensive Cream

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    + Provides a refreshing
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    + Great for dry skin or severely dry skin.

    Hyaluronic Acid Hydra Power Essence

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  • May 18, 2015

    Waking up at 5:30

    Waking up at 5:30 a.m. was so worth it!
    At first I didn't want to stand up and thought to continue to sleep but the moment I looked outside the window and saw the sun rising, I was awake completely and enjoying the view!
    Yoga was ok, during the 30 minutes practice I started to feel sleepy but I after I was really happy that I've acomplished my first day of 30 days challenge.
    But I'll think about it during the week and probably push yoga to the evening.
    I also did 2 Blogilates video workouts. And it was really good but tiring! Cassey is great! But how does she creates those workouts, when at 1st minute you're like "Oh, that's easy!" and at 2nd minute you're "I'M DYING WHEN WILL IT END?!".
    Ah, but it was really good and refreshing start for the day and week!
    Will try to go to sleep early today and wake up at 5 a.m. tomorrow !=)

    *Photo from my trip to Turkey, Kemer.

    Mar 1, 2015

    Cup # 5: February Recap & March Goals /

    Wow, it's already March 1st! Spring!! *____* 1 month and weather is going to be ok to wear spring clothes! Well... always March is like February in Moscow if we are talking about weather and I'm always wearing winter clothes.
    So here is my February recap and March Goals as part of Weekly wishes linkup!:)

    I almost didn't blog in February but I have an excuse - I FINALLY GOT A JOB!!!! OH MY GOD I AM SO INCREDIBLY HAPPY!!!!
    I've completed 1 week of my new work and I like it so far! Of course it's very hard because I don't clearly understand what we are selling - some technical equipment. But it's a big company, I work the most time with computer, by the way my job title is Sale Department Assistant/Contract Specialist. I'm learning a lot of things every day. Also half of my colleagues don't speak russian so I speak english and write mails in english every day - I am really happy that I can improve my language skills. + I'm completely satisfied with my salary and it takes around 35-40 minutes to get to work which is really good for Moscow. One more thing - the food in the canteen is really tasty!

    About food. From 23d February till 16th April it's a Lent when Christians don't eat meat, eggs, cheese and other products of animal origin. It's a religion tradition in Russia. I don't follow it every year but this year I decided to participate because I'm trying to loose weight and eating healthy. So far it's going smoothly and good variety of meals at my work also helps. + Whenever I go to restaurants and cafes - there are List Menus which are interesting to try.

    By the way the week before List is a Shrovetide week. In Russia we eat crepes / russian pancakes ( блины "blini") all week to celebrate the end of the winter and the start of spring. There are also some celebrations in almost every park and in the central of the city. It's very fun amd my instagram feed was full of crepes pictures!:) I like this tradition a lot!

    Fitness routine. I've managed to lose 2,5 kg in February which makes 3,5 kg in 2015 so far. I'm very happy!:) And my plan is to lose 2-3 kg in March! I actually created a reward system: I'm going to congratulate myself with some presents every 2-3 kg with things I've wanted to buy but always thought they are too pricey. LOL Probably I'm just a shopaholic:D

    In February I was doing every morning 30 Day Butt Lift Challenge! and 30 Day Flat Abs Challenge! from Blogilates.

    In March I will be repeating them and also adding 30 Day Thigh Slimming Challenge!.

    Plus I've finally started doing fitness from youtube Blogilates videos. During February I've manage to find excuses not to that workout routine every single day but in March I've told myself to start and do it every day! And I did first day of #MarchofthePOPsters 2015 Workout Calendar! which consisted of 5 short youtube videos workout. And it was so intense, I've almost started crying 3 times but I've told myself that I will regret not completing the workout later so I've continued! And now my whole body is feeling sore and I want just to sleep;D I already imaging the pain I'll get tomorrow T_T. But it's so worth it! And Cassey is a great coach - she is talking about a lot of different things during her videos not only about the fitness routine she is doing - it's easier to do all the exercises actually)

    And I'm posting a link to interesting avocado recipes which I want to try)

    I've been to 2 blogging events!

    1 - Presentation of new cosmetics of a korean brand Holika Holika. It was really fun! I've swatches so many products and ate a lot of tasty food + I've learn about tendencies in korean spring makeup and pink color is a trend!

    2 - It was a small afternoon snack for my second part time job. We celebrated the end of the Shrovetide week while eating tasty russian cupcakes with strawberry jam and drinking premium French Tea. The was so good, I've never tasted such a good quality tea! Brand "Freres Marriage". I've bought some tea for myself for congratulating with my new job:)

    Oh! And yesterday I've been working for my part-time job and selling our skincare products on a handmade Fair. It was fun but pretty tiring!

    Oh! And I've received quite a lot of products to review on my beautyblog + I won a little giveaway *___*. I should write about it separatly because all the products are amazing because well.. korean brands are always amazing!:) And I received my package with lots of korean makeup and skincare!

    And My Goals for March are

    1) Stick to a Blogilates #MarchofthePOPsters 2015 Workout Calendar routine.

    2) Eating healthy.

    3) Manage my time well.

    4) Be more productive at my part-time job.

    5) Work good for my full-time job.

    6) Blog more! 5 times a week for my beautyblog and at least 2 times a week for this blog.

    7) Clean my room because it's  seriously mess everywhere!

    8) Delete all old and unnecessary files from my computer.

    P.S. I'm listening nonstop to new 4minute album! They are killing it with "CRAZY" song! 

    Feb 18, 2015

    Cup # 4 MY WEEKLY GOALS #1

    So I've decided to participate in a weekly linkup about my goals. Honestly I've wanted to start last week but it was really hectic and I completely forgot about it=\

    As I said last week was hectic, the time just flew by because of work. I went to a few job interviews, delivered some documents. For my new part-time job I've been searching for pictures for their social media sites and exploring how marketing in instagram works;)

    I've managed to to meet my friends 2 times, once for a lunch at "НИЯМА" - if you ever visit Moscow during weekdays, this is a japanese restaurant with a very reasonable price for a lunch and the variety of food is really big.
    Second we went to see a "Jupiter Ascending" movie. I was so dissapointed! >_< I like fantasy and fiction movies a lot but this one wasn't interesting for me at all. I did like Channing Tatum play but other actors weren't believable. What I mean is when you see a movie the most important thing is for viewers to believe what is happening on the screen. But I can't believe "Jupiter Ascending" can be real in some other universe. Because people can't be only bad and only good. Everyone has bad and good things about them. 
    Than there were too much action and fighting scenes - they were good but too long. 

    I was alone on St.Valentine Day but I'm not complaining;) 

    Actually it's been pretty cold last week like -14 C during the day but there were some spring vibes so I'm extremly excited about spring season starting in 2 weeks;)

    I received my last MEMEBOX and everything is so good!:)

    My Goals Last Week:

    * Do blogilates ABS and Butt lift challenge every morning.
    Success! Sometimes I didn't want to do them but I still did and I'm super happy to see the results: my stomach became more flat and my legs became more tiny and I lost 1 kg.

    *Do blogilates fitness videos 3 times
    That's a failure. I was so tired every evening that I completely forgot about working out.

    *Clean my desk area
    Also a failure.

    My Goals This Week:

    * Do blogilates ABS and Butt lift challenge every morning.

    *Do blogilates fitness videos 3 times

    *Clean my desk area

    *Write 5 post for this blog and 10 for my beautyblog. I want to have some posts in advance in case I won't have any time to write. 

    *Hold a giveaway at my work instagram

    Do you have any plans for this week? ;)


    MEMEBOX and youtuber SOOTHINGSISTA reliesed a collaboration eyeshadow pallete. It has very beautiful shades. And I am very happy that MEMEBOX finally started collaborating with youtubers who have passion for korean skincare and make up!:)

    Stephanie Villa AKA SOOTHINGSISTA has created 4 rosy brown shades to be worn day or night for irresistible eyes! Each shade has a smooth finish with double-coated pigment technology for long lasting color.

    #eyelove SF Eyeshadow Quad includes essential colors of rose-hued neutrals that create versatile looks. SOOTHINGSISTA named each color after her favorite places of San Francisco, California.

    Paraben free. Cruelty free

    Promo codes:

    Get Memebox in your pocket and save BIG! 

    1) 5% off all app purchases with "5OFFMOBILE"
    2) FREE SHIPPING on all Tony Moly & Skinfood purchases with "FREESHIPMOBILE"

    3) $5 off USA Shop/XO Memebox orders above $50 FABFIVE

    Feb 8, 2015

    Cup # 3: January Recap

    Can't believe it's already February 8th. January just flew by as well as February first week.
    My January was sometimes good and sometimes bad. It started not very good my mom alongside with my grandma ruined celebration of New Year to me - I went crying and didn't celebrate at all.
    Oh, I colored my hair red but realised I don't feel comfortable with it(

    I celebrated New Year with my 2 best friends - it was amazing but I drank too much;D

    Than I went to Saint-Petersbourg with my 2 best friends: It was amazing again! But cold!:D Also since I'm jobless I stayed with my aunt for 3 days while my friends visited Helsinki, Finland. And it was awful - my aunt kept scolding for honestly ridiculously things like I don't speak to her while eating O_O.

    When I got home my mum keep pressing me for not having a proper job and I've started going to job interviews. Well without any success so far.
    But I did find a part-time job with a very small salary: ~15$ a day/4 times a month + I'm responsible for writing for their blog and instagram account. It's a cosmetic and organic food boutique, they sell only natural products from family brands all over the world: I mean when a brand is found by 2 or more family members. I look at this job as an internship: I'm learning a lot of things in a field I'm really interested in!

    I've also managed to write some posts for my russian beauty blog and receive some makeup to review:)

    During January I also went eating tasty food with my best friends.

    Bad things... My mom was very ill for 10 days, now she is feeling well. I'm not on good terms with my mom but seeing her ill made me very sad and worried.

    On January 31st I received shocking news from my favourite beauty subscription company Memebox - they cancel worldwide shipping starting 10th February. WHY?! This is extremely unfair. I understand that they are focused on USA market but a lot of people found out about MEMEBOX from european and asian bloggers, not american. I'm very sad. But I'll be still posting Memebox updates and hoping they will bring back worldwide shipping.

    As for my 2015 goalsthings wasn't going very smooth: I've started eating more healthy, doing some exercises but I didn't loose any weight + my time management is awful. Will be working on it more. I will be participating in a Monthly Goal linkup starting February so I hope it will help:)

    Feb 3, 2015

    Buy a MEMEBOX, Write A Rview & Get Your Money Back

    A lot of people were angry when MEMEBOX announce end of worldwide shipping starting 02.02.2015. So that's probaby they've made such a great promotion like a goodbye gift? You buy boxes from http://us.memebox.com/memebox-global/review-our-boxes . Then write a review on your blog\youtube channel, write an email to lauren@memebox.com and receive your refund:) I think it's a great way to try korean cosmetics to all bloggers and youtubers!

    I've already ordered a box, what about you?

    In order to qualify for a full refund 1. all posts must be in the form of a blog or YouTube video post - Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest posts do not qualify, 2. inital purchases must be made without the use of points or coupon codes. Promotion not valid for box purchases made prior to February 2, 2015 6PM PST. Offer valid while supplies last. Memebox reserves the right to modify of discontinue details without prior notification. 

    Jan 16, 2015

    New MEMEBOX!:) + discount codes

    Memebox is the #1 beauty e-commerce dedicated to bringing you the best of K-beauty. These boxes contain 4 - 7 full-sized items and deluxe samples, and contents vary from makeup, skin care, hair and body products, and they are a great introduction to the Korean Beauty wave. 

    Dicount codes! 

    You can you use only 1 per order.

    K986XZ - $3 off on $30 or more

    1. Save 10% on SHOP USAorders above $50: DUZLH3
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    Get $5 off automatically at checkout when $100+ through my link!

    Check out my unboxing of MEMEBOX #13 Global Edition -> camomilleteatime.blogspot.ru/2014/08/memebox-global-13-unboxing.html
    And MEMEBOX Global #15 Unboxing

    Fun Ingredients

    You asked, and so we delivered!

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    • MAY SPRINGS Banana & Moringa Awesome Cream ($40)

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    • HOLIKA HOLIKA Wine Therapy Sleeping Mask ($15)
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    • ORIGINAL RAW Honey Finger Essence ($26)

    [Shipping starts Jan. 22nd]

    Jan 13, 2015

    Cup #2 2015 goals

    I'm still pretty unsure what my goals are for 2015 are. But I'll try to write them down. Continuing with The 16 day New Year Challenge by A Branch of Holly, Day 2 is make hard goals and soft goals. Hard goals are the big ones and soft ones - small goals to achieve a big one. The trick is I don't now how to diverse them. Plus I looked at my to do list until I'm 25 post and...Damn! I'm turnng 25 this July and I didn't accomplish even half of my plans but my priorities also changed. So I decided to take some of my dreams to another list and post it on the side of the blog to constantly see them as I spotted at duchessofplumewood.blogspot.com

    Hard goals:

    Move out
    Find a proper job
    Lose 15kg
    Stick to a fitness routine
    Sleep more
    Eat healthy
    Learn to cook 
    Start my second degree
    Manage my income
    Save money
    Find a part-time job in beauty and social media field
    Organize my life
    Organize my space
    Manage both my blogs well
    Study english
    Learn to be confident
    Become more happy
    Travel to new cities and countries
    Take more care about my appearance
    Write a novel
    Learn new things

    Soft goals:

    Cup #1

    It's 2015 already! 12th January, actually. But I still didn't write my New Year Resolutions or a 2015 Bucket List. But I think about them.

    Honestly not only these past 2 months were really hard for me but the whole year. From January till the end of May I've been working 2 part-time jobs with really low wages. I still work for 1 of them and really want to quit. But the second job was horrible: I've never met such unprofessional director who thought only about herself and did awful things to her coworkers. She was talking lies all the time and how everything will get better. But it won't. Payment was delayed all the time and I received my January salary in April alongside with February one, March salary in May and April and May ones late in July. I wasn't working legally.. Well, legally I've been receiving only 1/3 of my salary so I wouldn't get much if I issue her and honestly I just didn't want to see her and want to forget about that company.

    In June I decided to take a break and in July I've started to search for a job. But my cat died. She was ill during 8 months and I was taking care about her all that time including tying her wound\tumor twice a day - she had cancer. It was really hard emotionally and my parents refused to help me and didn't feed or give water to your cat - suddenly I become the only one to look after her. My cat was 14 years old and she was my friend. Her death was expected but still very shocking. And the fact that my parents weren't really affected by her death also shocked me. My mum is very religious. And she said that cats don't have a soul so there is no need to cry and mourn since she is not a human.