Nov 8, 2014

November goals

Honestly I don't blog often because I'm depressed which sucks. I have 0 motivation because I can't find a job and I'm constantly eating which makes me fat and I'm depressed about my weight too...

So I've decided to do a 7 weeks Challenge. Until New Year! Then New Year Resolutions will take place and probably I will continue with my challenge.

So, I will write 7 letters for myself with motivation words and tasks to do each week. Those tasks would be from different categories: food, fitness, blogging, working, housekeeping and many others. I would also every sunday write what tasks I had and did I manage to complete them. And I would pick letters randomly!:)

In the end I want to lose 5 kg
Do fitness workouts 3 times a week
Improve my blogs
Eat more healthy
Have a tidy home
Get a job

Let's see how it will turn out!:)


  1. I noticed you haven't posted in a while and I really enjoyed reading you Blogtober posts. I hope all is well with you and your 7 weeks Challenge is going well, I understand how hard it can be to stay motivated when depressed! I nominated you for a Liebster Award on my last post! You should check it out and answer the questions I would love to see your answers!!

    1. Thank you for your comment!
      Well... things didn't go so well and I had 0 motivation.
      I'm really thankfull for being nominated for a Liebster Award! Will do a post about it soon!