Oct 24, 2014

One beauty product I can't live without #BLOGTOBER14 DAY 24

Day 24 of Blogtober14 hosted by Helene and TaylorToday's prompt: One beauty product I can't live without

Well.. as a beautyblogger I have way too many makeup and skincare products. But 1 product I can't live without is a BB cream! 

I don't apply it every day, but if there are some problems on my skin and I am running late then I am using BB cream: I can use as a concealer and since it's moisturizing I can apply it right after washing my face skipping the moisturizer. I don't even apply mascara or lipstick, just BB cream and I'm ready yo go)

I think my skin looks the best with BB cream on it, so yeah, BB cream is a product that I can't live without!:)

1 comment:

  1. I love love love BB cream, I have like ten of them lol