Oct 27, 2014

New MEMEBOXes!^^

Monday starts with new awesome beautyboxes by MEMEBOX! VIP 3$ sale is until Oct. 28th 12 PM PST. memebox.com/vip-exclusive/vvip

#79 Garden of Eden

Your skin will revel in pure joy with nature’s all-natural, all-gentle beauty recipe for glowing, radiant skin!
You want glowing, beautiful skin? You could hire a professional lighting team to follow you around 24/7, but we’ve found a way more practical (and affordable!) way to give you a lit-from-within glow that is reminiscent of a goddess! Use this box, made with natural and gentle ingredients from the Garden of Eden, to combat all dullness and exhaustion, and light up your face to make your skin look really, really glow-y and gorgeous.
This ultimate beauty-boosting Garden of Eden Box will awaken, brighten, and nurture your complexion with the finest quality natural ingredients that Mother Nature has to offer!
From nature, with love ❤
[Shipping starts Dec. 18th]

#78 Hot & Cool Cosmetics

As Katy Perry puts it, we’ve “got a case of beauty bi-polar.”
For those of us who are as fickle as a pickle and “change our mind like a girl changes clothes,” Memebox presents the dynamic Hot & Cool Cosmetics box. This box is packed with a double dose of mega-beauty – heating and cooling cosmetics – to treat and care for skin, body, and hair.
Steam and heat technology provides gentle all-around care by cleansing clogged pores, exfoliating the skin, providing deep nourishment to damaged hair, and helping the body beat bloat. Cooling cosmetics are enriched with crisp and fresh ingredients that minimize the look of enlarged pores, revitalize exhausted and dull skin, and deliver a refreshing punch of cool beauty.
Grab this box because when “you’re hot and then cold,”
You’re yes then you're still yes. 
[Shipping starts Dec 18th]

Not sure wich one to buy? Grab 2 and enjoy free express shipping! -> - memebox.com/vip-exclusive/vvip

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