Oct 1, 2014

If I Won The Lottery - Blogtober14

Ok, I failed blogging in september and honestly failed everything possibly I promised myself  about Shopping BAN. So to finally write in this blog I decided to participate in Blogtober14 hosted by Helene and Taylor

The challenge is to blog each and every day in October. And today task is to write about If I won a lottery...

Well, If I Won The Lottery, I would split money into 3 parts. 1) New apartment fund. 2) My trip to Japan 3) I would give money to my Father or book him a great holiday trip.

I think there is no need to explain my wish to have my own appartment) So moving to 2nd part - I want to travel to Japan. I really like japanese food, fashio, cosmetics, anime and manga, music, architecture. So If I suddenly have extra 3000$ I would deffenitly go on a trip to Japan:)

I'm constantly worrying about my dad these days. Because he's having hard time at work and big problems from his past work. But my mom doesn't support him at all and only creates more stress for him. And I want him to relax at least a little and travel. 

the prompts for the rest of the month:
the prompts for the rest of the month:
the prompts for the rest of the month:

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