Oct 23, 2014

Favorite Instagram Editing Apps/Tools to Edit Your Blog #Blogtober14 day 23

Day 23 of Blogtober14 hosted by Helene and TaylorToday's prompt: Favorite Instagram Editing Apps/Tools to Edit Your Blog

Honestly I don't use that much editing apps and tools, because I don't like spending too much time on editing!:)

For instagram I'm using:

InstaWeather - for everyone to know what wheather is right now!

PhotoRepost - for reposting.

InstaSize - for sizing...

I also have downloaded popular VSCO Cam, but I never use it!

For Blog I'm using:

PicsArt - app on my phone. Great sizing, shading, adding amazing filters, frames (BEST!), words and decor.

pixlr.com  - a lot like Photoshop but online)

apps.pixlr.com/express - great for fast editing, has amazing filters!

picmonkey.com - Discovered it recently. Like it for shading, adding words and frames. Most of filters are only available in $4.99 a month addition, which I'm not using, only free stuff)

Photoshop - which I use rarely cause it's hard for me to use\

Do You use any of these apps\tools?:)


  1. Girl you have to use VSCO Cam! Its my favorite! Ill have to try some of your suggestions :)

  2. pixlr is lot like photoshop, but now a days pixlr has new version known as toolpic
    Photoshop Online Free