Oct 30, 2014

Facts About Me #BLOGTOBER14 DAY 30

Day 30 of Blogtober14 hosted by Helene and TaylorToday's prompt: Facts About You. 

Facts about me.. Well.. here you go, fact #1 I like reading facts about other people.

#2 I'm extremely lazy
#3 I prefer staying at home with a good book than going out in the evening
#4 I read a lot
#5 I read at least ~1 hour during the day
#5 I have only 4 good friends and 2 of them are my bestfriends from University and other 2 are friends from school and I've known them since I was 7 years old
#6 I love travelling especially by train
#7 I hate writing comments;D 
#8 I am obsessed with MEMEBOX
#9 And I am obsessed with korean make up and skincare in general
#10 I like acting silly with my friends
#11 I absolutely hate washing dishes
#12 I drink ~10 cups of tea everyday
#13 I worry too much about unnecessary things
#14 I can sleep with my eyes open
#15 I dream too much
#16 I am afraid of driving
#17 I wish magic would be real
#18 I'm 24 and still don't know what career path I want to follow
#19 I like swimming
#20 I like making To Do Lists but I never complete everything I've written:)

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  1. First of all wonderful blog and beautiful picture. And I can say that I have same qualities just like you and I am impressed with your blog.