Aug 8, 2014


Well.. I have been neglecting this blog for so long. Reality is that I can't translate my beauty reviews from my russian beauty blog to this. It takes way to much time unfortunately( BUT! I still want to write in english and improve my english skills. Also I want to blog a little about lifestyle and travelling. So I've tried to start other blogs but it wasn't a good decision cause I always wanted to return to tis one.

From now on I will be blogging here ~3 times a week with:

  • Lifestyle posts
  • Travel posts
  • Memebox unboxing
  • Memebox new boxes preview
  • Essence and Catrice Limited Editions Preview

So why is Memebox and Essence with Catrice LE here. That's because I really really like Essence and Catrice make up brands with their quality, price and release of new limited editions. Memebox is a korean beauty box subscription service which I am totally obsessed with. And addicted to: I already received 14 boxes and waiting for 5 more. I really like korean skincare and make up so I want more people to find out about it!:)

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