Aug 11, 2014

Shopping ban

When 1st August came I decided to change my spending/saving habits and eating ones. Let's face it. I spend too much money on stupid things. And I save 0. Almast never I manage to survive a month without my credit card. And usually at least 1/3 if not 2/3 of my salary goes to my credit card payments. Yes, I did have a bad job with 2-3 months delay in payment, but now I should find a good one and start to save money. And by saving I mean stop buying unnecessary things.

First of all I should stop buying a lot of make up and skincare products. A have so much cosmetics that I can write reviews every other day for a year or probably 2. I have 4 closed face creams, 75ml each, and many many other things!

So until january I can spend money on:

- cleansing water
- 3 nail polishes (I need neutral ones)
- memebox

BUT! Only numbered memebox with 25$ discount (from codes and memepoints).

Moving on food.

I CAN'T buy takeout coffee, water in bottles and fastfood.

Let me explane: I usually prepare water with lemon to take with me but forget about it and end up buying 1-2 bottles of water daily. Which leads to spending 30-40$ monthly.

Takeout coffee. Damn expensive and leads to spending 55$ monthly. 1 Coffee usually costs ~6,5$.

Fastfood. First of all leaded me to 14kg that I need to lose. Than I spend around 180$ monthly on it. Awfull.

Eating out with friends. I always end up eating too much and food is expensive. I usually spend around 30$, 5-6 times a month which leads to 150-180$. Totally not good. So I want to spend 10$ a time. 4 times a month.

So that's my spending plan for the rest of the year. Let's see if I can follow it! I'll be writing updates everymonth on it!:)

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