Aug 13, 2014


MEMEBOX post new boxes with 3$ sale in VIP section and everyone could purchase them before 12 pm today.


Get your daily caffeine buzz with this Café’ Box!
Wake up and smell the coffee has just taken on a whole new meaning! We’ve rounded up freshly brewed beauty goods that will remind you of your favorite indulgent drinks from your go-to coffee joint. Indulge your senses in a swirl of sweet sin, and brim with delight with milky sweeties that will boost your beauty! 
Set your mug aside and cozy up to this Café Box and see what’s brewing at Memebox! 
[Shipping starts Oct 2nd]

This is for all you lipstick junkies out there!
You can go through the rest of this month with the same sheer balm that has become part of your daily makeup ritual, or you can throw caution to the wind and try to something totally new! Team Memebox has hand-picked these super rich, super fun, super beautiful lipstick shades that will become your new lip favorites! From unabashed bold hues to classic shades, you’ll be ready to sport some vicious lips with these hot lippies from top-of-the-line Korean brands!
A girl can never get enough lipstick. From deep reds to natural nudes, there's always a new shade out there for you. Team Cosmo hand-picked the ten best lipsticks out of the bunch. Check it out! 

[Shipping starts Oct 2nd]

Not sure wich one to buy? Grab both and enjoy free express shipping! ->

Dicount codes! 

You can you use only 1 per order.

OEY6 - $5 off
 VIP 10% off on Orders Above $100 YKU9  VIP 15% off on Orders Above $150 U501
 VIP $7 Shipping Charge Waive with purchase of 2 boxes UJS5

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