Oct 29, 2013

{23} My Lash Serum Etude House

Some time ago I started to notice that my eyelashes (4-5 every time) tend to drop while I remove mascara. Blame it on mascara or functioning of my body, the result frightened me. And I decided to buy something to strengthen lashes.
My choice fell on the serum for eyelashes My Lash Serum from the Korean company Etude House.
And I have never regretted the purchase.

What does the manufacturer say?

Serum strengthens the lashes, stimulates their growth, prevents their loss, provides necessary nourishment and protection.
Contains panthenol and dogwood berry extract (WTF ?) .

Looks clear on the eyelashes. In the bottle there is a yellow tint although on the lashes it's not noticeable. After using the products begins to turn yellow and less transparent.

Apply the serum to like a regular mascara in the morning and evening during your skincare routine.
I'm using the second package already and it's really good!

Effect. Eyelashes have become more dense and fluffy. They stopped dropping and now looking really healthy.

The final score 5/5 . Will repurchase it!)

On Ebay ~ 8$, 9 g

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  1. I've been looking for an eyelash serum and this one sounds good. Thanks for the review, I'll have to keep it in mind ^^