Oct 27, 2013

{22} TOO COOL for SCHOOL Fruits Vita jelly Mini pack

I really like trying new face masks, especially those small ones. I bought two different masks, completely forgot to take picture with a grapefruit one, but it also looks and has the same effect as the blueberry one, only the color is pale orange. 

What does the manufacturer say?

Mask gives skin elasticity and moisture.

In fact, the effect iz 0.

Texture. Jelly. Ordinary jelly as I used to buy in a shop and eat. When the brush got out of the box, it's like jelly now broken into squares) is easy enough to spread on the face. Not so easy to wash off, but acceptable.

Color. Light blue.

The smell. It smells delicious, blueberries :)
The final grade. 3 \ 5. For texture, color and smell - 5, for the effect - 2.
The price ~ $ 1-1.5.

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