Oct 25, 2013

{21} MISSHA Near Skin Firming Self Control Peeling Massage

The sample was a gift for one of the orders. I looked at it for a long time, but eventually decided to use it. In general, I don't like peelings - because of my sensitive skin - it's always allergic to them (redness and rashes appear) However, I was pleasantly surprised with this peeling :) No negative reaction to it, on the contrary only positive.
What does the manufacturer say?

Peeling moisturizes, nourishes and supports the skin. Gently cleanses the skin, leaving it soft, smooth, and contributes to its renewal.

The texture and color. Gently peach shade with fine gold-colored particles. Smeared on  face as a cream . Polishes the skin, smoothing it and refresh the complexion. After you use it on your face, there is a small layer of oil, which makes the skin velvety soft and supple.

Photos from official site (yes, I'm greedy for the first time and didn't take a picture, because I do not want to waste it \ \ so much I like it * ___ * )

The final grade 5 \ 5 . Bought in samples - since it lasts a long time, but I'm thinking about buying a full size product, samples I'll take with me while travelling I'll keep the full-size jar at home :) I should be paying more attention on MISSHA's Skin Care products :)

Price on Ebay full size 200ml ~ $ 25 , the price of 10 samples on Thai websites ~ 4-5$ .

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