Oct 23, 2013

{20} Holika Holika Pig-Nose Clear Black Head Steam Starter

I continue to struggle with black spots on my nose. And Holika doesn't help me at all.
As I now understand it, you had to buy Holika Holika Pig-nose Clear Black Head Peeling Massage Gel. But at the time it was a new item on testerkorea and on ebay and this series has not been reviewed online and description was only in Korean. So I just bought a starter.

What does the manufacturer say:

In 3 minutes cleans the skin of blackheads! First, the pores of the skin heat up and expand, then pink clay (WTF?! Where they took it) absorbs the black \ white point and all the fat and other nasty things, and after the lemon extract and aloe vera gel makes your skin clean and fresh.

I apply starter on the nose and a little bit around, wait for 10 minutes (nothing happenes after 3 minutes), and then wash off. Almost no effect. As I understand it, this starter must heat the skin so the pores expand ad with another product to wash off all the oil and dirt (despite all the assurances of the manufacturer). Nothing washes off from my skin. My sensitive sking becomes very dry.

The consistency is of the transparent gel . Easy to apply, easy to rinse, not too sticky .

30 ml. On Ebay ~ $ 10.

My score is 2! I will look for something new.

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