Oct 21, 2013

{19} Tony moly Baby Doll BB Powder

My favorite powder so far. I've been using since February a lot. 
Despite the apparent yellowness in a jar on the face powder is transparent and does not give any shade on the face. That is, if you put it on clean skin - no shade \ alignment appears. 

Powder matting. Ideal. If you have oily skin or shiny bb cream and you want to give your face a matte finish - Tony moly Baby Doll BB Powder is your choice! Most matting powder comes with a white shade. There is no problem with the color, as I said. It's adapting to the skin tone.

Matting is excellent,
doesn't accent on dry skin,
fixes makeup ~ 7 hours,
grinding is very small, easy to apply a thin layer.

Presented in 2 shades - I own the lightest # 1 Light Beige.

In the box there is a sponge for applying - the manufactures insist on using it, but I prefer the brush. 

Weight: 15 g on Ebay ~ $ 10

My rating - 5/5 .
Will I buy another one? I do not know, I think, by the time it ends, something new will come out that I certainly would like to try it.

In conclusion , I would like to say once again :
If you need a good matting powder - Tony moly Baby Doll BB Powder definitely worth to buy!

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