Oct 19, 2013

{18} Ecorre Artist BB Cream

 Ecorre Artist BB Cream
 50 ml, SPF 27, 1 color.

On the package itself says that it whitens and reduces wrinkles + it moisturizes the skin.
Speaking of packaging, it is not the most comfortable, though the design is beautiful. First, it is white and now all in beige stained of bb cream. Second, it's loooooong. It doesn't fit anywhere in the boxes or on shelves. Third, it's uncomfortable to squeeze bb cream out when consumed over 50% of the product. Before I pressed in the middle and cream appeared, but now I have to push closer to the top of the package, which is not very convenient.

The smell. Artificial and not very pleasant.
Consistency. Liquid.
Color. Bright, with a pink- gray mid tone . I would say very light, and it's good at adapting to the skin tone - my skin is almost white : D

The quality of coverage and visibility on the face depends on the application.
If I apply BB cream with a brush, it glosses over almost all the redness. And it's quite noticeable.
If you apply with your fingers, quickly adapts to the skin, but poorly conceals redness and disadvantages. As can be seen from the photo, I completely removed them only with 3rd layer. Usually I use fingers to apply bb cream and then apply on the red spots one more layer.
It goes well with the primer Missha Boomer.

Visually smoothes the skin.
Pores ... The pores are hidden well enough.
However, it keeps 5-6 hours, then redness, pores and dry skin appear.
My skin doesn't feel moisturized, it becomes even more dry. Maybe it depends on the weather. But now in Moscow, it's cold, minus 10-15 and my skin is terribly dry. And in the evening it needs 2 times more of moisturising face cream. (OK! I was writing this article back in February and now it's not cold! It's +12C)

Rating: 3 +

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