Oct 17, 2013

{17} Baviphat Apple Jelly Lip Scrub

My first lip scrub. I wanted to try one from Lush, but it was too expensive, so I turned my gaze to Baviphat and TonyMoly. Reviews for both are positive and negative and are present in equal numbers on both scrubs. So I chose design. And Baviphat won! Very sweet and beautiful packaging ^ ^ and comfortable.

The manufacturer says :
The structure includes : apple extract , black sugar and white rice .
It helps to remove lifeless skin cells, softening and moisturize the lips.

The smell . Like apple ^ ^ little unnatural , but incredibly tasty . Rather, the smell of apple gum .

Packaging is convenient, easy to open, easy to get scrub and beautiful to decorate a shelf in the bathroom.

The photo shows that the color is dark brown and orange with bright orange particles that are just scrubs.

Texture. Sticky. This is perhaps the only drawback. It is clear that it will be sticky, but when it is applied , it is hard to wash off both lips and with the fingertips.

Is spent economically.

My lips are not delicate, so lipstick is always gathered into the fold \ \ Sensitive and dry - balms and hygienic lipstick are used in the speed of light. Unfortunately I didn't notice any peeling. Though my lips became softer. 

I put it evenly on the lips (with fingers) , massage and leave for 10 minutes. Then wash off with water, then makeup remover and a sponge and then again with water. Because it's sticky = (

For me, it's self-indulgence. Will I buy this particular scrub - I do not know . But I will definitely buy more others. Although I do not need them too much , but want to ...: D

On Ebay ~ $ 8. 6 g

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