Oct 15, 2013

{16} TonyMoly Mineral Skin Fit BB Concealer & Missha The Style Under Brightener

TonyMoly Mineral Skin Fit BB Concealer

 Concealer , for which I had high hopes, but he did not live up.
I relied on the fact that it will be possible to use it under the eyes. Alas, my skin can not . It just rolls off and it seems that ... perhaps, if you use wet powder instead of concealer, will be the same effect.

Yes, all of the claims I have are about the texture. Concealer is too thick and very noticeable.
Therefore, I can only use it on the red spots on the face.
Color. Light shade with yellow mid tone, adapts well enough to the skin color. ( # 1 Cover Light)
Packaging is comfortable enough - the right amount easily unscrewed and twists .

On Ebay ~ $ 11 SPF 30 12 ml.
Review is little, because I am dissatisfied with the product\ \. Since I need a very light concealer with good coverage .

Missha The Style Under Brightener # 01 Light Beige

Another concealer , which didn't fit and was immediately given to my friend.
Yellow undertone.. No wrong. YELLOW undertone.
Ok, it concealed my under eye dark circles. But the skin became several shades darker than the rest of the face and yellow ...

If you have skin with pink mid tone like me - definitely won't work.
And as I had hoped after a wonderful BB cream from Missha - M Perfect Cover # 21 - because I saw in the description from Ebay - sellers write that they are similar. No, no and no again
On Ebay ~ $ 6. 6 g .

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