Mar 6, 2013

{14} To do list until I'm 25:)

So I kinda stopped writing in these blog, I do write every 2-3 days in my russian one. And later I need to translate all posts.. So much work..I just can't seem to be able to post at the same time at 2 blogs at 2 different languages. Such a shame\\

But anyway, some time ago I found an amazing blog - and the owner wrote a post about 50 things she wants to achieve before 25. So I decided also to write one. So here it is. I'm 22 now, so I have 2 years and few months to achieve everything:)

With dark purple I'll mark things I've already done, and with pink things that I'm in progress)
Well, I wrote this list back in january and already done some things;)

001. Get a degree (in tourism and hotel management) 
002. Find my own place.
003. Learn to be confident.
004. Go to interCHARM (in Moscow)
005. Start a youtube beauty channel
006. Start a youtube vlog channel.
007. Pass my IELTS or TOEFL test.
008. Pass my driving test.
009. Visit Japan.
010. Visit Italy.
011. Visit Seoul.
012. Visit London.
013. Visit HongKong.
014. Learn how to make japanese food.
015. Win something big (like phone\tickets\camera).
016. Be able to do the splits again.
017. Get a french manicure.
018. Get a tatoo.
019. Get another piercing in my ear.
020. Learn japanese so I can read manga and watch anime without subtitles.
021. Go crazy shopping in every country I visit!.
022. Cook healthy and tasty food.
023. Start my second degree.
024. Start swimming (I know how to swim, I mean like going to the gym 2-3 times a week).
025. Get to my goal weight.
026. Find a close knit group of girl friends.
027. Whiten my teeth.
028. Hold a blog giveaway.
029. Reach 100 000 views on my both beauty blogs.(recently reached 100 000 views on my russian beautyblog^^)
030. Reach 100 followers on my both beauty blogs. (recently reached 100 followers on my russian beautyblog^^)
031. Get free makeup products to review on my blog. (Unexpectedly I've received some to review on my russian blog already)
032. Rewatch One Piece/Gintama/Naruto/Bleach/Fairy tale anime series.
033. Visit Ireland.
034. Visit Poland.
035. Visit Chicago.
036. Visit Thailand.
037. Make sushi.
038. Spend a 2 week holiday on the seaside in China or Italy.
038. Speak English as it's my 1st language.
039. Identify 25 things I like about myself.
040. Spend a holiday in another country alone.
041. Write a fantasy novel.
042. Find a bestfriend.
043. Take makeup courses .
044. Take pole dancing classes. (Not in a seedy way, apparently they are amazing for arm muscles!)
045. Stop being so shy and awkward.
046. Find someone I feel completely comfortable with (Get a boyfriend (LOOOL)).
047. Find a job I love.
048. Get rid of my anxiety problem.
049. Live more than 2 months in different country.
050. Try my hardest to achieve all of the above.


  1. Oh! Dear! I can help U with 043 :) Meet soon!

  2. "Cool post!
    Much love,
    "Really enjoyed this post <3

  3. Cool blog! You should keep on translating :). English is my 2nd language but i write spanish/english in my blog post. I invite you :

    1. Thank you!)
      WOW! You have really awesome reviews on your blog!)

  4. woah so many things! I'd like to do a list like this but I'm already 25.. so I think I'll do one until I'm 30!
    I'd include few things of your list, like stop being so shy, get a tattoo, find a job I love..
    And I hope you achieve all of your list ^^
    I'm following you :)

  5. Omg, love your blog!


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  6. Thank you so much for the follow.
    Follow you back on bloglovin.
    Lovely greets

  7. Absolutely LOVE this post, I should really do one as well! Lovely reading about your goals, I want #47 the most!

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  8. I's so nice to learn that there exist some Russians able to do something in English. Love this post. Maybe I should make a similar list, I also have two years before I'm 25, lol. Actually I've been thinking of starting a beauty blog. I've already started a youtube channel though. Check it out if interested:
    By the way I'm also Russian :-)