Jan 5, 2013

{9} Etude House Black Head Ghassoul Heating Deep Clean Gel, Sleeping Pack Moisturizing, Proof 10 Eye Primer

3 products from extremely popular Korean brand Etude House. SHINEe and Dara from 2NE1 advertise it. I think Krystal and Sulli from f(x) also advertise one of the product lines. Or they are starting later in 2013.

All 3 products are love\hate ones. Cause sometimes I'm satisfied with them and the other day I'm not.
P.S. Why photos are so bad again?\


Etude House Sleeping Pack Moisturizing

After using my Shills Night Jelly I thought that the consistence of Etude House Sleeping pack is thin. But now I really like it. It moisturises my skin pretty good. Unfortunately my skin doesn't seem refreshed in the morning((. Why Etude House writes that this pack gives you an effect of 10-hour sleep?! But moisturizing is great! 
This sleeping pack has 2 more "+" - price and amount (size?). 120 ml cost 10-11$ on Ebay.
Yet the package is not convenient - I always press out too much product. Whatever, the amount of product is huge so I don't think would come to end this year. I've used it around 6 months in 2012 and I don't think I've used even half of it.
It's texture is watery gel-like? O_O, yet the product soak up\gets absorbed in 3-4 minutes (? excuse my bad english here\\). And your skin doesn't shine.
You should use it 1-2 times a week. But since my skin has been awfully dry lately, I'm using it every other night. 

Of course I'm always in search for a better product, but for now this sleeping pack is one of my favourite ones. The other one I really like, no, I'm obsessed with is Shills Licorice Refining Night Jelly. But I use it for different purposes.
To conclude I want to say that in Etude House Sleeping Pack line there are 3 types - pink packaging is for moisturizing, blue one for Exfoliating & Brightening, green one for Pore & Sebum Control.
I think other 2 types are also great so if You are new to sleeping packs, try this line!)

Etude House Black Head Ghassoul Heating Deep Clean Gel

When I was writing a review on it back in December 2012, I loved this product more than hated. But now absolutely don't like it. It just doesn't do anything to my skin except drying it(((.
It's said that this Gel will reduce and get rid of Blackhead on your nose. You apply gel on your nose, gently message it for 1 minute, let it stay for 1 minute and wash off.
A few times it really helped me and my blackheads and whiteheads just washed off. But now I can't see any effect...
You should use it 2-3 times a week . Which I can't do because it is damaging my sensitive skin -> my skin became really dry with peeling of the skin after using this product 3 times during 1 week. And no reduction to my blackheads.. In search for a new product((.
Good point is that my friend has larger pores on her nose and this product works amazing for her. So I gave mine to her!:D
50 ml ~13$ on Ebay

Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer

My first eye primer. But not the last one!
The texture is creamy, soft and easy to apply. The color is beige with glitter.
You apply it on your eyelids, wait 1-2 minutes to dry (well that's what I do) and apply eyeshadows. 
Eyeshadows definitely look brigher and stay longer. Unfortunately this primer doesn't work with all eyeshadows. It's perfect for drugstore ones: Oriflame, E.L.F., Essence, Maybelline and others. But when I tried it with my Chanel and Guerlin ones... It's even impossible to apply eyeshadows - they don't stick or hold on eyelids, they just roll down? O_o.
So, if You use drugstore eyeshadows, this primer is quite good, but if you use high-end ones search for another primer.
10ml ~7$ on Ebay


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