Jan 4, 2013

{7} Laneige water sleeping pack & Tonymoly Intense care Dual Effect Sleeping pack

First, I want to say, that these 2 products were a total disappointment. My hopes were too high for them since I've read so many positive reviews on them.

Well, let's start with
TonyMoly Intense care Dual Effect Sleeping pack.

I wanted to replace my Night Jelly by Shills because I've read that they have similar effects. But TonyMoly Sleeping Pack is 100 ml 15$ and Shills Jelly 50 ml for 15$. Obviously I wanted to save money. 
TonyMoly Intense care Dual Effect Sleeping pack should moisturise, renovate and refresh your skin as well as whitening it. No effect on my skin!\\ 
Its consistence is like a thick gel. It's the thickest sleeping pack I ever used. It's easy to apply, but it tightens the skin and discomfort appears - it was pinching skin on my cheeks.

I am happy I bought it in samples. And I recommend not to buy this sleeping pack in full size if you have sensitive skin.

Laneige water sleeping pack_EX 80 ml (~22-23$ on Ebay)

One of the most popular products from famous Korean brand Laneige. This sleeping won Best Year Product nomination be Cosmopolitan and Allure.
This mask is water based so it should be really good in moisturising. And it gives a small cooling effect.
Unfortunately not for my skin.\\ In the morning my skin is dry and I want to wash my face as fast as possible and apply cream. Its consistence is like a really thin cream, it's easy to apply and it dries in 5 minutes. But it brings trouble. Cause after 30 minutes I fill that my face is completely dry and I'm applying 2nd layer. Once I applied 3rd layer of this sleeping pack. Yet in the morning my skin was dry again.\\
I bought it in sample size and obviously I'm not buying the full size product.


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