Jan 3, 2013

{4} Asian Makeup Tools by Missha

I don't know why, but the least I like a product, the shorter is my review on it!=D
But 3 make up tools in this review I really like!)

Missha Bubble Maker (~2$ on Ebay)
In asian skin care routine bubble maker is a must have. A lot of you probably saw an ad about Shiseido Perfect Whip Foam Cleansers - girl is making bubbles with her hands. Yet, not all foam cleansers are easy to bubble. So here comes special bubble maker!
It's easy to use - you put a small amount of product on it, shake it and wash your face with whipped foam.
Plus the color is really pretty.

Missha Pack Brush (~2$ on Ebay)
Good for applying masks. I've been using it 5 months already about 2 tomes a week and it's still in good condition, almost as good as new. Another good point about it - it dries really fast after washing it - in about 4 hours. 

Missha Oil control Film [Blue]  (~3$ on Ebay)
Oil control Film. They are a lot more tight (or dense?) and its consistence is a little bit rubber?) But they are doing quite good job! The packaging line have 3 different colors.

I definitely like all these 3 products and I'm going to repurchase them!;)

P.S. Русская версия (russian version) -> http://j-janebeauty.blogspot.ru/2012/09/14-asian-makeup-tools-by-missha.html

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