Jan 3, 2013

{3} Top 12 Products of 2012!

My TOP products are almost all the make up products, because It's really hard to choose right skin care.
And I decided to write in english first and then translate to russian, let's see if this is going to be easier!=)
1. TonyMoly Dear Me BB cream. 
It's my favourite BB cream. I am testing a lot of other bb creams and this one is still the best. I have really fair/pale skin and TonyMoly Dear Me matches it perfectly. It covers red spots and under eye dark circles. Sometimes it's sticky but it has more "+" then "-".

2.  Shills NIB Extreme Lift Eye Gel
Once again it's the best eyecream!) I'm already using the second container (? jar?). It moisturises amazingly, reduce puffiness and redness (awesome if you are watching sad movie and crying but next morning your face should be perfect). It didn't really reduce my under eye dark circles but you can't have all miracles at once).

3. Shimmer Palette from e.l.f.
Using it as a highlighter. Under eyebrows and on the cheeks. Perfect. Not going to buy another highlighter before this ends. 

4. Cherry blossom girl blush by Essence
Gives a perfect light pink color on my chicks. Totally sad that I didn't buy 2 blushes instead of one\\.

5. Eyebrow designer by Essence in 03 light brown
Great eyebrow pencil for light eyebrows. I hate when my brows are too dark, cause mine are almost blond. And I have light haircolor. So if you have light eyebrows and hair that's a good choice. 

6. Lipstick # 52 in the nude by Essence
A perfect nude colour. Moisturise my lips and looks good. 

7. Kiss care love lipbalm # 01 fruit crush by Essence
Actually I love all 4 kiss care love lipbalm, but this colour is the one I use the most. It moisturises my lips, its scent is like a tutti-frutti chewing gum, color is bright pink and quite pigmented so I don't need to use lipstick but not too bright so I can wear it everyday.

8. Sublime de Chanel mascara in # 10 deep black be Chanel
Best mascara I've used so far. Ensure more volume, more length and more curve to my lashes. And gives such a deep black colour. I got it in sample size from a magazine and the only thing that stopping me from buying it - its price. 2500 rubles or 83 dollars. I can't spend that much money on mascara(. 

Moving to nail polishes! ;)
9. Rimmel 60 seconds Nail Polish # 805 Grey Matter
Nice grey colour, solid consistency, really dries in 60 seconds and I can wear it for about 5 days. It's my second bottle of this color. (bottle?)

10. Sally Hansen Xtreme wear Nail Color # 100 Invisible
Using it as a top coat. Nails become really shiny.

11. Sally Hansen Xtreme wear Nail Color # 90 Brick Wall
My first dark red color. dries really fast, and is perfect for winter.

12. Free&Free Damage Aid Serum Nutrient for color treated hair by Lion corporation
This serum helps my hair to be more shiny, obedient and it's really easier to comb (comb? or brush?) my hair.
 Русская версия (russian version) - http://j-janebeauty.blogspot.ru/2013/01/20-12-2012.html

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