Jan 2, 2013

{2} Innisfree green tea pure deluxe kit

I want to talk about moisturising skin care set from Innisfree brand.

After purchasing Innisfree The Green Tea Seed Serum, I thought that all products from Green Tea series will be good. Cause I saw and read a huge amount of positive reviews on this kit and in online shops it's always out of stock. As soon as I saw it in stock, I bought it. But unfortunately, I was disappointed. Probably my hopes were too high.

Inside this small package you can find:
- Green Tea Pure Serum, 6 х 1 ml
- Green Tea Pure Skin, 15 ml
- Green Tea Pure Lotion, 15 ml
- Green Tea Pure Cream, 5 ml
- Green Tea Pure Sleeping Pack, 10 ml
You should use them in this sequence:

I should say that this Green Tea Series is focused on hydration or moisturising . The structure of its products helps keeping water inside your skin. Plus the majority of Innisfree skin care products is for trouble skin. And they are using 100% natural ingredients.

My skin is dry, sensitive, with red spots, blemishes and blackhead and white-head. I was coping with a lot of stress and fast food lately, that's why my skin is in such bad condition. Well, I fought Innisfree green tea kit will help me to moisturise my skin and to reduce my red spots and blemishes. Unfortunately this kit didn't give me any effect. Probably if the products size were bigger and I'd use them more than 1 week I'd had a better result. (I think I have a problem with my English here with using different times, sorry)

1. Green Tea Pure Serum, 6 х 1 ml. I have this serum in full size. Soon here will be a link to a post about it when I translate it in english from my russian blog. Unexpectedly I didn't see any result from using it with kit. But when I was using it with products not from Innisfree brand, it was really good and I like this product.

2. Green Tea Pure Skin, 15 ml. It's a toner. But you apply it like an ordinary cream. Its consistence

is even thinner than one of serum. It dries really fast - about 30 seconds. But it doesn't moisturise my skin at all, it even tightens the skin and pinching the skin if you have red spots and acne. 

3. Green Tea Pure Lotion, 15 ml. This lotion actually moisturise pretty well, but not enough for me. It's white and its consistence is thicker than serum but thinner than cream. I read reviews where girls usually use lotions instead of creams in summer and they have enough moisture. But I don't. Absorbed in 2-3 minutes.

4. Green Tea Pure Cream, 5 ml. I like this cream, it doesn't give enough moistening for my skin but it doesn't  tightening the skin and pinching the skin if you have red spots and acne (or I'd say my skin reacted a little a few times). Its consistence is like a liquid jelly O_O. Don't know how to describe it\\ 
"-" is a small amount of product. First you think that a package is big, but then...

5. Green Tea Pure Sleeping Pack, 10 ml. I am disappointed in this product the most. It's absorbed in 5-6 minutes, in the morning I didn't see my skin refreshed, I didn't see any difference between using cream and this sleeping mask. On top of that a lot of blackheads appeard\\ And the amount of product is the smallest - you can use it max 3 times. Its consistence is thick but transparent (is it a right word?) with white spots.

To conclude I'd like to say that I didn't like this kit, but since there are a lot of positive reviews on it, you should try it. Probably it will suits your skin.

Oh... Why was it so hard to translate from Russian to English? I realised I don't know a lot of words\


  1. hi there, i wanna ask. so i have this oily face of mine and i have a red blemish also. so i already bought the jejubija anti trouble facial wash. but i havent bought the lotion and toner. so i need your suggestion.. what would you do if you have my kinda skin ?? thx.

    1. Hi! I would totally recommend to buy a toner and a cream/lotion.

  2. so okay then, i think i wanna buy the lotion. oh yeah anywho do you know how to clean the blemishes?? i really need your opinion

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