Jan 7, 2013

{11} Shills Licorice Refining Night Jelly, Shills NIB Extreme Lift Eye Gel, Shills Black Deep Cleansing Purifying Peel-Off Mask

made in Taiwan

My favourite sleeping pack ever - Shills Licorice Refining Night Jelly! It gives nearly miracle effects!!
You should use it 1-2 times a week. But I actually prefer using it the night before important event or when my skin is in terrible condition.
First, it moisturises my skin.

Second, it magically reduced redness, allergies and dries your acne. Smooths the skin. Soothes the skin!
Once I had allergy on new face scrub - my cheeks became bright red with rash. I applied a huge layer of Shills Night Jelly and next morning... My allergy was gone! Only tiny red spot left. Usually if I have an allergy on cosmetics it fades away in 4-5 days, but with Shills Jelly it faded in one night!
Third, my skin looks refreshed in the morning. Well... if I don't surf the net until 4 a.m. as I do sometimes...
Its consistence is more gel-like than cream like. Easy to apply, absorbs in 2-3 minutes. And soothes (calms?) my skin if I have allergies or red spots.
"-" is that in the morning you feel something on your face.

50ml ~15-16$ on Ebay.
Will repurchase it like... forever^^

Shills NIB Extreme Lift Eye Gel

My favourite eye cream. Recently repurchased it. 20 ml ~16-17$ on Ebay. Definitely worth it!
1. Great for sensitive skin.
2. Moisturises amazingly.
3. Reduce wrinkles 
4. Reduce puffiness and redness (awesome if you are watching sad movie and crying but next morning your face should be perfect). 
5. Applying concealer on this cream is really easy.

It didn't really reduce my under eye dark circles but you can't have all miracles at once).

Texture is gel-like.
Package is cute! ^___^

Shills Black Deep Cleansing Purifying Peel-Off Mask
50ml ~13$ on Ebay

Hate it\. No effect at all! Totally disappointed...
In description it's disclaimed that this mask will take away all blackheads and whiteheads.
You apply it for 20-30 minutes and then peel-off. Hmm... None of my blackheads or whiteheads were peeled-off. Instead I had a feeling that skin on my nose was peeled-off...

On the other way, my friend is now using this mask. She says that it clears her pores quite good.


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