Jan 7, 2013

{10} Skin Food Royal Honey Hydro Cream \ Innisfree The Green Tea Seed Serum

Skin Food Royal Honey Hydro Cream 
55g  ~$23 оn Ebay

Starting with the cream. When I first tried it, I didn't like it. And was pretty sad for spending so much money on this product (still think 22,5$ is way too expensive for a cream). I didn't like it during the summer (used it only as a night cream), but then... october started and I became obsessed with it!!!! It's great for autumn-winter time!. Too bad my cream ended in december((.    

The texture is jelly-like. It's quite sticky if you apply too much product. During summer it didn't soak in (absorbe\dry?) even after 2 hours... But in the winter - 5 minutes and my face is ready to apply foundation or bb cream. It moisturizes amazingly!! Better than a lot of night creams and even some sleeping packs. Well, as good as sleeping pack.

So I would recommend to use it in autumn-winter time, when the temperature outdoors is lower than +15°C.
The packaging is super cute! Glass and gold cap. I'm going to put something in it! So cute^^

Innisfree The Green Tea Seed Serum 
80ml  ~$23 on Ebay

One of the most selling Innisfree products! And now I know why!:)) 
(It's definitely worth the price, but I'm still uncomfortable with buying products which price is more than 15$).
Wow, I think I'm going to repurchase it or try another Innisfree serum. I didn't like to use It with other products from Green Tea line. But when I applied on it Skinfood cream, my skin looked refreshed. It works quite good with cream I'm using now - Essence My Skin intensively caring cream with pomegranate for normal to dry skin.
The serum moisturizes and nourishes the skin, fills it with suppleness and clarity.
The texture is gel-like and its color is transparent. You need a tiny amount of product, it's not sticky at all.
It gives visual effects - your skin is kinda shining from inside. 

Innisfree is a brand famous for using 100% organic ingredients from korean island Jeju. On one side of the bottle you can read "Please return to Innisfree after use" - never seen such an environment friendly cosmetic brand!

More photos! 

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