Dec 31, 2012

{1} New start!

Happy New Year!!!
And hello to everyone who reads this post!;)
I hope everyone will enjoy New Year's Eve and all your wishes will come true in 2013!
Literally this blog is going to be the translation of my russian beauty blog ->
My native language is russian, but I really like english and my wish is to have a blog in english.  Of course I understand that I have an average knowlage of english language, so I hope if you find a mistake, you'll tell me about it.;)
Mostly posts here will be about Korean skincare and make up products. Also Essence brand - I'm obsessed with their make up collections^^. Also I'll write about other brands, probably post OOTD and tutorials? I don't know for sure what I'll be intrested besides asian cosmetics and Essence in a few months.
Actually, I wanted to start blogging in January - new year - new blog. But than I realise that I can't find a right and cute design and my photos are not perfect. And I started to think that probably I should start this blog later. But as I know myself I can postpone things in years.. So this morning I woke up and started taking photoes. They are probably not very good, cause I can't find proper place and lighting, but it's easier to start and become better in this than not to start and thinking that I will start when I become better. Lol, I'm writing too much! 

To end this post I want wish again everyone to spend amazingly New Year's Eve and whale year of 2013!
And I'm going to write my resolutions for next year, post about Innisfree green tea pure deluxe kit and drinking hot tea with milk cause I caught a cold\\\ and not going to celebrate New Year with my friends.

Ah! And the name of blog is CamomilleTeaTime. Camomille in french, cause i like the pronunciation better than in english camomile) And TeaTime cause I'm a huge fan of K-ON! anime)

Happy New 2013 Year!!!!