Mar 8, 2017

[Updated 08.03.2017] SALE in korean e-shops

This is my most viewed post in my russian blog so I thought why not to share here deals about korean skincare and makeup. Also I've or my close friends bought cosmetics from these sites so they are completely safe to use.

This post will be updated every week - as sson as I receive new deals from all these sited in my email box :)


A shop with very unique brands for different skin types and problems.
Free shipping from 69$

Now they have 3 awesome promotions: 40% off + freeshipping.


My favourite place to shop. Cheapest price for korean skincare and makeup!
Every month there's sale up to 50% off to different brands. In March it's

My very first shop where I bought koreanskincare 5 years ago and I still continue to buy there. Cheap prices + shipment cost increase by weight.


Official e-shop of Innisfree brand with worldwide shipping.


Delicious sweets from Japan 😍 
+ Save 50% on kawaii Plushies & Purses! ❤


Oct 23, 2016

Last week of october goals + life lately

I wanted to write this post friday evening but my laptop decided to update windows and was doing it for almost 4 hours...
I didn't realize I was falling deeper and deeper in depression until 5 weeks ago I started to be angry and upset for no reason. 3 weeks course of sedative pills helped but I'm still in depression although it's not that dark. I take pills once every 2 years or a year and previously I felt better for months. But now exactly when I finished the course I started feeling down again. I guess not healing properly and thinking "Oh I feel ok, not the best but still ok" brough me only in worser state. So now my TOP priority is to heal my depression. Which won't be easy. As there are causes on surface such as overweight and credit card debt and under surface such as I don't love myself and don't do best for me as I'm lazy. I understand that I won't be 100% happy when I loose those 15kg and close my credit card debt. 
So now I'm doing small steps to be happy, not feeling down everyday and say goodbye to my depression.

So yeah, for now 75% of my goals now will be focused on loosing weight and pay my credit card debt and 25% will be focused on loving myself and taking better care of myself.

3 weeks ago I told myself I won't be eating sweets till January 2016 (except for coffee with sugar) and I almast succeed - yesterday I ate 2 cinnamon rolls during my friend's daugher birthday party and little piece of chocolate today. What was that? I was angry today about yesterday cinnamon rolls and ate piece of chocolate to feel even worser. That's totally shows that I don't love myself. 

Healthy & Fitness goals 

1. No sweats
2. No bread (this one is hard! I really like toasts for breakfast... and dinner)
3. Light dinners: Salad or Soup or Yoghurt.
4. Everyday morning yoga for 20-30 minutes. (That one is tricky, I wanted to start 2 weeks ago but I ended up just sleeping more)

Money saving goals

1. No takeout coffee
2. No shopping except for emergency necessities 
3. Limit my eating out with friends to 2 times
4. Actually I'm thinking about no shopping for clothes until I wait again 60kg

Taking care of myself goals

1. Prepare outfit of the day the night before
2. Do makeup every morning
3. Eat breakfast everyday
4. Prepare food for launch at work everyday
5. Clean room everyday
6. Write in a diary every evening (handwriting)
7. Do blog related staff every evening for 2 hours (I realised it's hard to set blogpost number)
8. Go to bed at 10 p.m.
9. Take shower everyday

Jul 11, 2016

July Goals

Already one third of July already passed and I'm still not very sure about my goals. At least I've filled my diary yesterday - which by the way I wanted to start writing in january... Well, I always forget to write in the begining of the month and end up thinking "Oh, I'll start my diary beautyfully next month". Which never happened. So yesterday I decided to break it and wrote some goals.

1. Look after my money.
I spend way too much money. I spend more than I earn. And I spend money on unneccesary things. So in July I hope I'll try better and not end up broke.
Creating budget.

2. Stay fit!
I've gained nearly 15 kg since last spring and I feel awful. Now I need to loose those kg because not only I feel  unhealthy but also the majority of my clothes don't fit me anymore even New ones that I bought especially for summer...
For now I'm trying to minimize what I eat.
July 18th I'll start 2 challenges: "30 day no meat challenge" and "30 day no sugar challenge". And I need to buy new weigh by that time because mine broke and I have no idea how much I weight.
Also every saturday morning I'll attend free yoga classes in park.
2 times a week I'll ride bycicle for 1,5 hour.
Other days I'll try my best to do 20-30 minutes yoga classes at home or go on a walk in park or in city center.
Write a food journal.

3. Relax.
By relax I mean to stop being stressed over things.
Keeping a journal, meditate, writing blog.
Having all my thoughts together.
Enjoy me time. I actually don't remember last time I went on a walk alone not during vacation.

4. At least 2 times go to a beach to refresh my tan ;)

5. Blog more!
In my russian beautyblog 3/week
In this blog 2/week

6. Pay more attention to how I look.
Honestly wearing no makeup, not ironed clothes and chapped nails don't make me beautyful...

7. Find opportunities to make money online!
Actually I want to go holiday next year in Japan or England and fully pay it with money earned online. Current earnings: 0$.

Actually I have more goals written in my diary, but they are not first priority - if I manage to do them, I'll write them.
Also I hope I can write every week weekly goals, motivation Monday posts, weekend favourites, 1 Beauty review or 1 travel post... Isn't it already more than 2?!

July 14th I turn 26! Is it too Old or too young? I hope young😉

Honestly more than my Birthday party I'm waiting for a big shopping center to open within 10 minutes walk from my house! Because now there is no place in walking distance to chat with friends or to eat breakfast on the weekend - and I hope I'll finally do some blogging during sunday breakfast because at home I can't concentrate. Also! Cinema will be opened! Say yes to movies! I enjoy going to cinema after work and early weekend morning but not when I need to spend at least 40 minutes to go there.

What's your July goals? If you did such kind of post - please leave a link and I'll check it!😊

Jul 4, 2016


I constantly think throught the day that I need to write this and that for a blogpost. But I never write.
But I actually should. Because if you don't write it looks like nothing happens when you look back to the previus days, weeks and months.
I need to to set goals, check them or I'll be in a state when I don't want to do anything and be unhappy. And I don't want to be unhappy because everything is in my hands. I should start doing things that I want not what other people want.
So I stopped for a minute during my afternoon walk to write this small blogpost. Time is changing and I have a feeling that I'm also changing. I'm standing near small crossroad in the park and feel that my life is just like it. I'm in the middle of it and go what ever way I want or quip the same road. Or I can go one road then turn back and walk on another because I decide what I do if I fell.

Current soundrack

Fall out boy - 4th of July

Feb 8, 2016

Weekly goals February #1

Well, obviously something went wrong and I didn't post during 2 weeks. Wait, was it 3 weeks?!
Anyway, getting organized was quite hard after being lazy for more than half a year. But now I've set my priorities and my weekend was productive. Yesterday I've written my to do list for a day for the first time in a very long time and I already see how much it helps - I would forgot a lot of things this morning if I didn't check my list.
Also I admit now that I'm not a morning person during winter and I move like zombie in the morning. So no activities in the first half of the day - I'll wait till april to start yoga before work. 
My body and mind refuse to function until sun has risen 😂😂😂
Good news - I've found few blogpost drafts, so I hope I can modify them and publish this or next week. Also I will be doing my monthly favourites, and January ones are almost finished.

So, moving to this week goals!

1. Stay happy!:)
Being optimistic is very important so this week I'll try to not think negatively.

2. Prepare next day "to do list".
Because I am unable to fall asleep with non-stop thinking about what I need to do next week.

3. Write what I'm going to eat next day.
This will help me eat more healthy.

4. Every other day write in my handwriting diary about my day.
This one is challenging, but I'll try my best!

5. Finish week 1 in 2 challenges: ABS, squats. I found all of them on pinterest.

6. Everyday complete 3 blogilates videos:
My legs are burning after 3 days...

7. Publish 3 post here.
At least 1 makeup or skincare review!

8. Publish 3 post on my russian beautyblog.

8. Comment all blogposts from my bloglovin feed.
That's not easy. I try to comment on my phone but some blogs have awful mobile versions and I simply become frustrated and close them.

9. Post 1 photo everyday on my instagram@camomillebeautytime.
I'll try. Honestly I still don't know what direction my instagram should have and how to manage 1 account for 2 different audience (russian and english speaking ).

10. Reorganise my pinterest account.
I have lots of pins there but sometimes they double or are pinned to wrong boards. So I want reorganise my boards!

Somehow... Too many things! I'll try my best to accomplish them!

What are your goals for second week of february?

Jan 18, 2016

Weekly goals January #1

I wanted to write few posts this weekend as I had a lot of ideas during work, but... I did nothing this weekend. Why do I have so many ideas during work but when I come home and eat dinner, I feel so tired and can't think about anything but reading a good book or watch tv?(

Also I can't get back to my sleeping schedule, so I have several goals for this week:

1. Go to sleep not later then 10 p.m.

2. Prepare next day "to do list".
Because I am unable to fall asleep with non-stop thinking about what I need to do next week.

3. Every other day write in my handwriting diary about my day.
I bought a lot of notebooks and diaries  last year but never actually written in them.

4. Finish week 1 in 3 challenges: ABS, push up & squats. I found all of them on pinterest.

5. Publish 3 post here.

6. Publish 3 post on my russian beautyblog.

7. Comment all blogposts from my bloglovin feed.

8. Post 1 photo everyday on my instagram @camomillebeautytime.

What are your goals this week? <3

new year new me

Jan 16, 2016

MEMEBOX Promo & Sale January 2016

Still no news for MEMEBOX starting shipping worldwide again...And I envy people who live in US, when I see all cool beauty things they can buy and participate and beauty events(
Because there are so many amazing  deals right now!

MEMEBOX - is shop and subscription serive that bring newest skincare and makeup products by Korean brands:)

FREE SHIPPING on orders 30$+

10% off your 1st Korean cosmetics purchase! Use code '101smiles'. 1 time use only    

korean cosmetics, asian skincare, makeup

MEMEBOX recently launched their mobile app, you can check links on their site for both, Apple store % Google play.
Amazing thing is that on the mobile app there are some special discounts on the weekend!

korean cosmetics, asian skincare, makeup

Other good news! Memebox is back with rewarding for product reviews. Before it was possible to win new products, now you can earn 50 memebox (5$) if your review will make it to be featured in MEMEBOX newsletter) Which I think is great opportunity!

Their I'M MEME range increased with awesome products. I especially like the design of their I'm eyeshadows.


For this weekend 16.01-17.01.2015 MEMEBOX is offering memepoints with each purchase you made.
10 memepoints = 1$.

memebox, beauty box, subscription box,

There are also some new MEMEBOXes, I would recomend to check out COSRX one, Ariul Moisture Box, Mini K-Beauty Box 2.0, and original Mini-K-Beauty Travel Kit.

memebox, beauty box, subscription box
kittens, cat, cute, meme, travel box, pink, korean cosmetics, asian skincare, makeup
etude house, memebox, beauty box, subscription box
sensitive skin, no sls, low ph, cleanser, toner, korean cosmetics, asian skincare, makeup

Jan 15, 2016

New Year resolution 2016 #1: Eating less

January didn't start with me writing New Year resolutions. I caught cold on 24th december and was ill all holidays and I still cough a lot. I planned a lot for new year holidays (1-10th January this year in Russia) but I had high fever most of time and because of it I was sleeping most of time.
But I'm still planning to write one although it will be similar to last year one and I hope I will follow it accurate. Cause last year I failed in almost everything.

Number 1 resolution is to take care of my body.
Which firstly means to eat less, more healthy and spend less money on food. Last year I became 8 kg fatter and now need to lose them because I don't fit in my summer clothes anymore 😱😱😱 .

coffee, diet, blogging resolutions, healthy eating, new year new me

4 main problems I have in my relationship with food: 1 - I congratulate myself with food whenever I feel sad or achieve something; 2 - I eat when I am bored; 3 - I eat when I'm stressed. 4 - I eat a lot, I eat even when I'm full because there is a lot of food on the table.
And I spend way too much money on food.

I didn't start january right but when you're ill you actually are happy when you finally want to eat which means your cold is ending.

I'm now on day 5 of my "eat less" resolution, which marks the end of first working week of 2016. And overall I think it went pretty well. I still struggle with my dinner as I eat twice as much as I actually need. But I don't eat after 8 p.m. I should eat more for breakfast but I'm lazy to wake up earlier to prepare proper breakfast which I'm sure I'll be doing once I will be back with my sleeping schedule. What I'm proud of is my lunch at work. Last year I used to eat a lot and spend a lot. Now I've limited myself with 2 dishes and small amount of money. And I succeed everyday! Do I feel full? Yes. Do I feel hungry in the evening? Not more than before. Do I feel less happy for not eating fancy 3-4 dishes during lunch? No. I feel the same with my soup and side dishes, sometimes even with coffee. Do I spend less money? Yes, about 1,5 or even 2 times less. Also I don't buy Starbucks coffee or some sweets during the day. I think I can survive january without take out coffee)

I didn't think I would lose some weight, but I actually lost 1,5 kg. I don't focus on my weight now because 1st step is eating less, 2nd step to do some easy fitness, 3rd to eat more healthy, 4th do have a fitness routine. I also want to cook more because eating too much sandwiches won't lead me to losing weight)

Starting next week I'll try to wake up 15 minutes earlier and prepare proper breakfast. Also I'm adding few fitness exercises. I've printed some fitness 30 days challenges but I won't talk about them until I'm 2 weeks in because I usually give up after few days. 

Also I'm trying to blog here 3 times a week as my new year resolution. Let's see if I succeed. I'll update with my other resolutions in future blog posts!)

Oct 18, 2015

MEMEBOX Promo & Sale October

Ah, I wish MEMEBOX will start shipping worldwide again... But for now I just look at their site and wish I can bought some boxes)) Because there are some amazing deals right now!

FREE SHIPPING on orders 30$+

15% off your 1st Korean cosmetics purchase! Use code 'WELCOME'. 1 time use only                                                                                                                                                                                          
No Tricks Just Treats
This promotion applies to Saturday and Sunday purchases only. The promotion ends Sunday October 18, 2015 at 12:00am PST. Spend any amount and we'll be adding an extra free treat(s) along with every purchase, all weekend long! 
Orders $0+ = up to $3 worth of FREE treat(s)
Orders $20+ = up to $7 worth of FREE treats(s)
Orders $40+ = up to $13 worth of FREE treats(s)
Orders $60+ = up to $19 worth of FREE treats(s)
Orders $80+ = up to $26 worth of FREE treats(s)

Orders $100+ = up to $32 worth of FREE treats(s)

50% OFF on new brushes -> I'M brush <3.

Some intersting HALLOWEEN items. I want that Horror mask!!

First of all, Yadah Box! It's amazing! Gives really good result on your skin and can be used on sensitive skin! I want this box so bad T__T

Yadah skincare products are made to be hypoallergenic and with plant derived ingredients to care for the skin in the safest way possible. Their mission is to make the best quality products that are mild but highly effective to make your skin beautiful and healthy. We chose our favorite Yahdah products that will keep your skin beautiful and healthy!

Oct 17, 2015

Primark Wishlist

I always liked watching Primark Hauls on youtube. We don't have Primark in my country so when I decided to spend my vacation in Europe I decided to check if in Belgium there is Primark. Yes, there is in Brussels, and I checked Primark website... OMG!! So many interesting things!! Of course I went there during my trip! But the shop is not very with lots of people, so I didn't buy much. I did buy fantastic pair of jeans and 2 pajamas!! And now I want to buy everything from Primark)) I spent 30 minutes looking at Primark Instagram. And now I'm creating my Primark Wishlist because... I can't resist it!:D And in January or February I'm going to England, so it means lots of shopping in Primark!)
Lol, my Wishlist turned out as basic items..